How to find happiness as a couple

We all dream of happiness, to be happy not just for a moment but forever. You ask yourself a lot of questions and it makes sense! How to find happiness as a couple? How to keep it? We give you answers.

To talk to

Happiness in a couple means talking to each other without interruption. He or she is also present during your moments of uncertainty and panic. But also during your endless laughter. it makes you laugh, because happiness is transmitted.  Words exchanged even if it turns into an argument, are better than heavy silences.

Changing the everyday

Happiness is accepting the desires of your partner. It also means making concessions to make your other half happy, because you love them and nothing is more important. You have to change your daily life, because it can sometimes be very harmful. Have fun, dance, laugh until tiredness stops you

Not afraid to break the routine! Change the air, go on weekends, go for walks, go to a concert, take a night at the hotel in your city…

Small gifts are always a pleasure!

Madame is a fan of the latest fashionable bag, and why not make her happy? Like Mister dream of attending the next football match? Happiness is also by making the person you love happy. For example holidays in the sun or in the mountains. Happiness is this short-lived little thing that makes your partner happy every day.

By gifts we also mean a simple little love post-it hanging on the fridge in the morning, a pastry when you come home in the evening… A little attention that proves to your other half that you thought of her today

Love yourself … and tell yourself!

Happiness is also word. Continuously “I love you”, little words in the hollow of the ear, little shameful nicknames but that makes you smile. There are also moments of tenderness, sharing with your other half like waking up every morning by your side, like the first day of your meeting…

It is also little hugs under the duvet, as if the world belongs to you. He or she gives you shy but passionate looks as if you have known each other forever, small winks that make you shudder with pleasure …


Finally, couple happiness is also and above all knowing how to notice and enjoy it. Too many couples forget how lucky they are to be in love and be together and let silly arguments break them up too much ! Learn to take a step back. For example, if you argue all the time for housework or other everyday nonsense, look at yourself from afar, as if you were a spectator. You will see, it will make you laugh so much these arguments are insane and laughable compared to the happiness which floods you!

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