How to Create Your Own Family Holiday

Every year, we travel to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family as my husband’s parents like to travel to see us after the New Year. In 2006, when my son was four, my in-laws came to town in mid-January to celebrate Christmas. When my son noticed the Christmas wrapping on the presents and saw the table set as it was for Christmas dinner, he had a fit! He insisted that we can’t celebrate Christmas again, not because he didn’t want more presents, but because Christmas had passed; Jesus was born on December 25th and not on any other day. To appease him, we created a new holiday – Frosty Day. This is the day that we celebrate with my husband’s side of the family. We make sure that we honor Jesus as we do on Christmas, we have a special dinner, and we open presents. My children now look forward to Frosty Day every year.

I started thinking about how the days between the end of school and the 4th of July are filled with heat, humidity, and cries of boredom. Why not break that up with a new family holiday. This holiday shouldn’t be about presents, but about presence; holidays are best when spent with family.

What to do:

1. Brainstorm reasons for a holiday with your family.

These can be as simple as Strawberry Picking Day or as meaningful as I Love My Family Day.

2. Make decorations for your day.

Create paper cut outs, blow up balloons, hang streamers.

3. Bake special food for your day.

For example: On Strawberry Picking Day, you might enjoy the fruits of your labor by making strawberry shortcake for dessert. For I Love my Family Day, you can make all your food heart shaped.

4. Mark it on the calendar.

Write your new holiday on the calendar so that your family has a new tradition.

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