How to become the woman with whom he wants to go out … and not the one with whom he just wants to sleep!

There is a huge difference between being the woman a man wants to date and the woman he just wants to sleep with.

First of all, it is important to understand that for men and women, s**x has very different meanings.

You may have heard that men need to fall in love, but women need to fall in love.

If this is not consistently true, it is still an important indication of how men view s *ex.

To be the woman he wants to date, there is one crucial thing you need to do …

Show her what you have to offer her in a relationship.

The truth is that most single men would sleep with any woman they found almost attractive; and apart from appearance, there is not much that matters.

This means that they are not worried about her self-confidence, her self-esteem, or her ambitions. They don’t wonder what kind of partner she would be, if she would support him in his projects, or if she would be kind. They don’t think about a future with this person at all.

The only thing they think about is, “Can I get this girl? “

Men try to tell you otherwise … But believe me, I did a lot of research! Even if some men don’t want to admit it, sometimes all they want is s* ex.

When they have to choose a woman to hang out with, however, the intellectual process is much more complex.

This means that there is a huge difference between being someone he wants to sleep with and being someone he wants to introduce to his friends and family.

So how do you become the woman he wants to date? The answer is simple: make him realize that a life with you is better than a life without you.

The trap in all of this is that you need to balance: you will have to give him a glimpse of how it would be to go out with you, without giving him too much either, because in this case, he does not would really feel the need to engage with you.

Don’t be easy prey

I know it sounds counterproductive since you’re just trying to be the woman he wants to date, but let me explain.

By giving him the chance to run after youyou feed his most secret desires: it is the game of cat and mouse.

Men are hunters at heart, so if he feels he is going to have to make an effort to have you, you will have more value in his eyes. It also explains why he doesn’t want to go out with the girl he picks up at the bar, and with whom he sleeps the same evening.

Too fast a chase is not enough to keep your attention.

Let it drive your momentum

That’s not to say that you should never show that you’re interested, but by letting him make the plans and letting him contact you, you give him the kind of challenges that will keep his attention on you.

Even better, when he calls you, you can show him how busy and exciting your life is by not being too available, and trust me, it will make him want you more.

Think about it for a minute: no man, and even no woman, wants to be with someone boring, with someone who has a life in which there is not much going on.

It would be entering a sticky relationship, and he knows it.

On the contrary, he will have to work for you to give him time and attention, which, once again, increases your value in his eyes.

This is already something that a woman he only sleeps with cannot offer him.

As I told you above, it is important to show him that you are difficult to catch and that your busy life is only the tip of the iceberg.

What really matters is how you make him feel.

People want to be with those who make them feel good, so if you can be someone who makes them happy, in a different way from other women, you are well on your way to becoming the woman he wants to go out with…

Be the person who makes him laugh, and who listens to him when he needs it

Be the one who makes him smile every day and who he can’t stop thinking about.

Show her that you are the kind and thoughtful woman who will support him and be by her side.

If you can have that kind of impact on his daily life, he will want to keep you.

Of course, this can be extremely difficult to set up, especially if he is really trying to sleep with you.

But if you’re positive and sociable, it won’t take long for him to realize that if he doesn’t grab you, someone else will do it for him.