How to Be Strong When You Have No Choice

As much as I love my husband, our children, and the life we have together, there have been times I was unable to be the rock they needed me to be. Sometimes it was my faulty heart (I have a pacemaker) that prevented me, as it kept me in bed and out of the center of our family’s life. Other times it was other life challenges that left me feeling shaky. Thank goodness I had friends and faith to see me through, to show me how to be strong, to get me through that feeling of not being able to move forward.

I thought about all of that recently as I watched the new movie 90 Minutes in Heaven. It’s about a wife, played by Kate Bosworth, who chose to be strong for her husband after he literally died and came back to life. Because while having his life spared should have made him happy, he brooded, withdrew, and put all of the burdens of his family’s life onto his wife’s shoulders. Kate Bosworth’s character is, most certainly, a rock for her family. And she bears those burdens with grace and resolve.

When her husband does finally open up to her, he shares the amazing story about how he had a glimpse of heaven during the 90 minutes he was dead. The book he wrote about the experience has sold over 7 million copies and now his amazing experience has been made into this movie. And while it’s not suitable for young children, 90 Minutes in Heaven shows the power of God, faith, and the resolve of a woman who was strong when she had to be.

If you need a little inspiration for how to be strong, check out 90 Minutes in Heaven here.

Let’s Talk: Are you able to be strong for your family when you need to be?

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