How to Avoid Unfair and Unmet Expectations in Marriage

Unmet expectations can be a killer to any relationship—but especially a marriage. It’s hard to avoid setting expectations. When you get married or enter into a new phase of marriage, you naturally imagine what life will be like. It’s easy to think about what the other person will do to meet your needs. And what wife hasn’t concocted a fantasy of her husband planning a sweet surprise only to discover he was on a completely different page?

Part of avoiding unmet expectations in marriage is to be realistic and ask if what you’re expecting of your husband is unfair. Are you holding him to a standard that no husband (or human) should be held to? Are you looking to him to fill a void or satisfy a need that is not his to satisfy? Here are three unfair expectations of wives and three of husbands, in podcast form.

Mark and Susan Merrill tackle unfair expectations in episode 129 of the Family First Podcast.

What unrealistic expectations have you placed on your husband?