How do you know if he is the right person?

One of the problems in the era of abundance of prospects is whether the person we meet is really the right one or if there are better elsewhere. I often meet people who are unable to make the decision to commit, because the fear of losing a better opportunity is too great. You know what? You will never be 100% certain. Follow your instincts and these few little signs that don’t deceive. 

You have an intellectual connection

If the discussion is pleasant, that you have a thousand and one things to tell you and that you are strongly interested in most of the subjects proposed, you have a good intellectual connection. It is essential for developing enriching intimacy and a bonding relationship which can be optimized throughout the relationship. 

You care about each other

If he asks you how your day was or if he comforts you during a difficult moment in your life, it is a sign that this person is detached from his narcissistic need to please in order to worry about your well-being. His level of empathy towards you will be significant on the evolution of your relationship. If, on the contrary, the other is not centered on his own person, raise the red flag and think carefully about the motivations of engaging in this relationship. 

Humor takes center stage

If you laugh together, it is because a bond is established and you are able to be authentic towards each other. The important thing is to have substantially the same humor. If you are not a funny humor and your prospect throws you this kind of jokes repeatedly, it is quite possible that the connection is less easy. Be aware that if his humor annoys you at first, this annoyance will be increased fivefold after a few months of attendance. 

The desire that nothing stops

If you spend time together and you want these moments to never stop, chemistry works. In addition, one of the signs that your relationship is not only focused on s**x is when you want to stay together even after your lovemaking. If the other person tends to get dressed and leave right away, ask yourself questions about their actual commitment intentions. 

You have admiration for each other

One person in love inevitably feels admiration for the other. Although this feeling develops throughout the relationship, its presence at the very beginning is a sign that you are on the right track. You admire his drawing talents and he admires your leadership, this mutual pride will serve you to develop an unshakable affection. The idea is not to idealize the other person, but to recognize their full potential. Take care if, from the start, you feel devalued or judged at the slightest disagreement. 

You just feel it. 

If you feel emotional security with this person, that they make you dream, that they pull you up and that you have the deep conviction that it is the good for you, why ask a thousand questions? Give yourself a chance to get to know yourself, deepen the relationship and visualize what the future could be with it. 

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