How do you get a man to join the couple?

Very often we need to be reassured about the feelings of our pet. You want commitment, concrete, and your darling is a bit slow in giving you all of that. So that he really commits here are four tips to follow.

Don’t force anything

You are two in this relationship and you do not necessarily have the same past, the same desires, or the same rhythm. It is therefore important not to force anything and to be patient (easier said than done, I grant you). You may think that because you are ready, your pet must be too. It is not always the reality, it would be too simple. Maybe for him, it may be going too fast, that he wants to keep his independence a bit so that he can invite his friends when he wants, without having to account. You must, therefore, wait until the commitment comes from him, if you push him, he may take his legs around his neck and this is not the goal. Avoid talking about your plans all the time (marriage, moving in, children). The more you talk to him about it the less he will want to take the plunge. Wait a bit, you are only at the beginning of the relationship

Give him freedom

For him to want to engage more in your relationship, he must feel good there, free to do what he wants, without coercing him or having a fit of jealousy as soon as he leaves with her friends. Your pet will try to stay with you and engage in your relationship if you manage to create a comfortable climate. Even if you are together, nothing prevents you from being independent, this is one of the reasons why he will remain in a relationship with you. Trust it, it will make you feel good, it’s the only way to find balance and be happy in your relationship.

Communicate a lot

To find out where he is in your relationship, it is important to communicate, obviously, you should not constantly tell him that you want to move in with him or that you want children but to discuss them implicitly. More to know if you have the same visions of life that you make real concrete projects. This will reassure you and will not freak him out, you just have to be careful to use the right words.

Appreciate your couple as it is

As we have seen previously forcing it, will not help your business, the patient is the watchword. Appreciate the present moments, take advantage of your beginning of relation serenely without making plans on the comet. Let him know that you love your partner, everything he does for you.

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