How do I know if he / she loves me without asking?

How to identify the signs that confirm that your partner loves you, without having to ask him? There are undeniable daily clues that you probably haven’t paid attention to. Feelings are not always expressed verbally, and it is sometimes easy to doubt the other when communication seems broken. Whether you have doubts about your relationship or you have to make a choice for the future, in this article, you will find the key points that prove that your partner really loves you.

Most of the time, these signs may seem harmless, and are therefore taken for granted in everyday life. So take the time to read all the key points and compare them to your companion’s attitude, you may notice that he is not as indifferent as you think. What should be kept in mind, however, is that these signs should not be over-interpreted. You have to be objective to avoid the pitfalls of a painful relationship. Indeed, certain elements remain essential to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

I know that it is important and above all reassuring to know that one is loved in order to be able to commit body and soul, or to continue fighting to save a romantic relationship. This is why I approach this subject today which will help you to shed light on your love life.

He/she lets you know that he/she thinks of you

Do you think he/she is not communicating enough with you or that he/she is simply not thinking enough about you? Do you expect messages or calls several times a day? It may be necessary to review your expectations. Not everyone has the same way of communicating and the differences are even more obvious between men and women. Your partner therefore probably lets you know that he/she is thinking of you without you noticing.

A partner in love will keep you informed of his daily activities, and even if he/she does not shout “I love you” with full lungs, he/she will let you know that he/she is thinking of you. This may be a message to let you know that your favorite song is playing on the radio, that it has seen this dress you were looking for in a small shop, or that someone at work has used a phrase that you hate. Feelings can be expressed in many different ways and these ways of communicating with you show that he/she thinks of you on a daily basis. Finally, it is not necessary that he/she sends you messages all day long to prove his love to you.

He/she takes action!

Declarations of love are important but it is obvious that the actions are just as important. It is often said that there are a thousand ways to say “I love you”. To find out if you missed them, you can start observing your spouse’s attitude. What does he/she do for you on a daily basis? Did he/she take habits with you, which seem normal to you today? Small daily attentions speak volumes about a person’s state of mind or feelings.

He may not buy diamonds from you every week, but maybe he/she regularly buys your favorite pastry or he/she organizes face-to-face outings so that he can spend time with you. . He/she may also ask you during the day if you have eaten and bring you a meal if this is not the case. It is important to be grateful, to learn to appreciate and recognize the little things of everyday life because they are signs that your partner is not at all indifferent.

He/she projects with you

Planning with your partner and having joint projects is a big step that cannot be envisaged with the first comer. You may already have plans in mind with him/her, but do you know if he/she has any with you? Have you ever talked about the future together? Do you feel that he/she systematically includes you in his projects? If the answer is “yes”, then it is very positive. This indicates that the child is thinking about the long term and that he/she is ready to invest more in the relationship. Think about it, on your side, would you be able to plan your future with someone you don’t like?

Another element which proves that he/she projects with you, is that he/she wishes to be an integral part of your life: that is to say that he/she wishes to meet your friends and possibly your family. Even if he/she does not plan future plans with you, he/she may express his interest otherwise. For example, he/she makes it a point of honor that you meet those around him and wishes to maintain positive relationships with all the people in your circle. Being interested in your life, wanting to be part of it, and meeting the people you meet on a daily basis is a big indication of his feelings for you.

He/she respects you

More than anything, a partner who loves you is a partner who respects you. If you have the feeling that he/she disrespects you in his daily attitude, you are certainly right. Besides trust and feelings, another essential basis in a romantic relationship is respect. During arguments or disagreements, does he/she have inappropriate words or gestures, or even malicious acts? It may be time to take a closer look at your relationship and address the problem directly. Your companion must be by your side and mutual respect must be installed at all times to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

You make the pair!

Finally, one of the most important signs to determine if your partner really loves you is the confidence he places in you. You know that your companion knows you long and wide: he/she notices when something is wrong or when you want to ask him/her for something. Whether it is your worst faults or your incredible qualities, he/she accepts and supports them on a daily basis. He/she has confidence in your relationship to the point of overcoming all the obstacles that stand in front of you.

Your spouse puts you at ease and you can talk about everything with him/her without fear of being judged. A man/woman in love will do what is necessary to make your life more pleasant and accept you as you are.

All the elements mentioned in this article will allow you to determine the feelings of your partner. So even if he/she does not often compliment you or he/she seems indifferent: above all pay attention to your conversations, his actions and his attitude with you and you will have the answer you expect.