Have you just broken up? Complain!

Crying over her fate would be an excellent remedy to allow us to get back on our feet after a romantic breakup, it is scientifically proven. And that’s good, because it’s the only thing we want to do!

When one experiences a painful romantic separation , it is very difficult to prevent oneself from turning in a loop on this subject. And cry from buckets. Well, regardless of our loved ones who must stuff our stories of ex all the time, the complaint would help us to go up the slope more easily. These are the results that emerge from a study by Garce Larson and David Sbarra, two American psychologists and published in the journal “Social psychological and personality science” .

Hiding and keeping everything to yourself impairs healing

To reach this conclusion, the doctors divided 210 people who had recently broken up into two groups . One of them was questioned regularly for nine months on the subject. He was also invited to privately note his different emotions. The second group was only questioned twice about their breakup. Psychologists have thus been able to observe that people who have had the opportunity to often talk about their heartache have recovered more quickly. People in the second group, on the other hand, almost stagnated in terms of their feelings.

Feeling sorry for yourself, the key to recovery

Also, the next time that one of your friends bathes you with her ex , try to remain attentive and comforting, because if you think she is inconsolable, it is on the contrary her recovery that it is! And if it is you who are going through this painful episode, do not feel guilty anymore at the idea of ​​harping on your suffering and your resentment to those around you. Emptying your bag (repeatedly) will allow you to move on quickly.

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