Guide to Great Gifts for Your Man

We know what you’re doing, because we’ve done it, too. You’re spending lots and lots of time thinking about the perfect gifts for the kids, your parents, even the neighbors. But your husband? That one’s just so hard, you’ll figure it out later, right? Like at the last minute? Not this year.

There are lots of different types of great husbands, and we’ve got some great gift ideas for all of them! Check out these options for great gifts for your man, no matter what his passion…

The Tech Junkie:

1. A sleek tablet.

Every technophile needs a compact and versatile tablet for surfing the net from just about any location. The great news is that options abound now in this market once completely dominated by the Apple iPad. The iPad is still a great option, but you can also check out the lower price-point Kindle Fire HDX andGoogle Nexus 7.

2. A Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

Your man probably keeps a lot of his music and other entertainment on a portable device. Help him maximize the sound quality with a portable Bluetooth speaker. A top-shelf, pricey option would be the Bose Soundlink or Soundlink Mini. The JBL Flip delivers good sound at a value price.

3. A portable charger.

Nothing stinks worse than running out of battery life on your smartphone or mobile device midday. Your guy can re-charge anywhere, anytime with a portable charger like the Belkin Power Packs, or one of these nifty chargers from Halo.

The Chef:

1. Great knives.

Serious cooks will tell you that a quality knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. Check out these deluxe steak knives from Wusthof, or go all out and grab the 12-piece set.

2. A serious waffle maker.

Breakfast anyone? He’ll be able to feed a crowd with the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker, and if thinner waffles are his thing, check out the All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker.

3. An heirloom-quality cutting board.

Show some state pride with these state-shaped cutting boards, or choose one of these gorgeous boards from Tin Roof.

The Outdoorsman:

1. Heated insoles.

Winter-season hunters will tell you that their greatest challenge is keeping those feet warm. Help him keep toasty toes with a pair of remote control heated insoles from ThermaCELL.

2. Safety gear.

If your outdoorsman likes to hike, hunt, or camp in remote locations with poor cellular coverage, he could use a set of two-way radios like these from Motorola. Prevent dangerous falls from tree stands with a safety harness.

3. Tools.

Help him to be prepared for any challenge the outdoors can present with this versatile Leatherman multi-tool. For better visibility on those dawn or dusk camping or hunting trips, get him a headlamp for hands-free illumination.

The Sports Nut:

1. A tailgate tent.

He’ll be tailgating in style with an NCAA tailgating tent! For a more budget-conscious option, take a look at this standard model.

2. Tickets to the game.

Prices vary wildly based on demand, so you’ll have to do your research, but if he’d love to attend a bowl game or pro play-off game, check

3. Gear for his team.

It seems a die-hard fan can never have enough jerseys, jackets, hats and paraphernalia with his team’s logo. Find every team under the sun at