Games: What Do You Know?

Do you know that your kids would love to hear the stories of when you and your husband were children? So tell them about the things you did when you were young and growing up. Get started with our what do you know questions. Your children will have fun learning about you, and there are questions for you to ask your kids too.

Here’s a fun activity for family time or even dinner table conversation. Play What Do You Know with your kids. They’ll love learning more about you, and you may learn some new things about them as well!

Do your children know…

  • The name of your first pet and how you got him
  • Your favorite food when you were growing up and who made it for you
  • How much you made an hour at your first job
  • The awards or honors you received during your school years and which one meant the most to you
  • Your favorite vacation spot and why
  • How you and your husband met and how he asked you to marry him
  • How old you were when you got your first cell phone
  • Your most embarrassing moment in school
  • The worst prank you ever played and if you got caught
  • Nicknames you’ve had and why you had them
  • The worst or funniest date you ever had
  • Who your best friend was throughout school, what you liked about them, and what kinds of things the two of you did together
  • If you were ever picked on as a child and what you did about it
  • What you miss most about being a kid

Do you know your children’s…

  • Favorite holiday memory
  • Dream vacation spot
  • The celebrity they’d most like to meet
  • Current best friend
  • Current favorite song or TV show
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite subject in school
  • Most cherished possession
  • Best memory of a family event
  • Hopes for the future
  • Favorite game
  • Most unusual dream
  • Favorite teacher
  • Most embarrassing moment

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