Fun Ideas for Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day Love List

Grandparents bring wisdom, wit, and warmth into our children’s worlds. On Grandparents’ Day, our kids can give back to our parents by expressing their love. Use iMOM’s Grandparents Love List printable to help your kids create a keepsake to share with their grandparents.

grandparents day grandparents day

More Grandparents’ Day Ideas

  • Have your children write a biography of their grandparents based only on information they know.  It will likely be an interesting and charming account of their grandparents’ lives.
  • Have your children draw or paint a portrait of their grandparents, then have it framed for them as a gift.
  • If your children are small, make a handprint or footprint set of “stationery” by using plain white paper or colored paper.
  • Let your children make a Grandparents’ Day cake to share with their grandparents.

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