Fun Game Ideas You Can Make As A Couple

Kisses and hugs are nice, but they’re not the only activities you can do as a couple. To chase boredom to break the ice, if you are a new couple, why not play a little game as a couple? Romantic, funny, or fun, the games we have selected guarantee you a moment of fun and madness with your sweetheart. Knowing how to have fun together is another language of love.

The romantic scrabble

It’s scrabbled, but a more romantic version. The principle of the game does not change, but when one of you wins, the other must reward him by giving him a kiss or a hug. You can also spice things up a bit. For example, your partner will have to remove one of his clothes if he is a loser. It is a good way to learn to feel comfortable with your man.

The picture game

It is never a bad idea to create your own rules for the game of the couple . You can create a couple game yourself. You can take a small box and stick pictures of your choice on it. Now roll the box-like dice and your partner must do what the picture tells them to do. You can use images that show a kiss, etc.

The naval battle for couples

It’s one of the best-known and most fun games to do as a couple, but you can play it in an even more romantic way. Ask your partner to play the game with you. The one who loses must do what his partner demands. Let your imagination run wild with this couple game. Consider this little game when planning your romantic evening for Valentine’s Day.

The romantic treasure hunt

Remember the treasure hunt! Well, why not do it in a romantic way. Leave nice notes to guide your partner to the last fantastic treat you have planned for him. The gift can be anything like a romantic candlelit dinner, a piece of jewelry…

Truth or Dare

The action or truth game will never go out of fashion. But did you know that it could be turned into one of the most fun games for couples? Instead of doing it with a bunch of friends, play with your darling. You can ask personal or hilarious questions if they choose the Truth, and warm things up if they choose to take action.

Agree or disagree

A small twist can turn this simple game into one of the most exciting games for couples. Just put an envelope of money and one of your romantic desires in front of your loved one and let him choose.

The romantic tic-tac-toe

Take sheets of paper, make cards out of them, and write some intimate actions on them. Take another sheet of paper, draw boxes, then write down some activities such as kissing, etc. When you both choose your spot while playing tic-tac-toe, you both must complete the action and then move on to the next round. Whoever wins a round can ask his partner to do anything.

Copy a movie

Watching a movie together is a fun thing to do. Why not add a little spice and make it a game for couples? Choose a romantic comedy and don’t hesitate to replay the scenes with your partner. You can choose rose water films like “Titanic” or “Never forget”.

I have never…

Each of you takes turns saying “I never …” and completes it by saying something you never did and want to know if the other person did. If he has done so, he must take a sip of his drink.

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