Friendzone: 5 ways to detect it

In men’s lives, there are many types of human relationships. In particular, there is a brotherhood, friendship, acquaintances, couples and lovers, etc., but there are also those who love a one-way person. These people are said to be found only in the friend zone or friendship zone. This situation is often encountered in daily life between the friendship of a girl and a boy. Often one of the friends has a crush on the other.

Should you disclose your feelings?

This one is in a delicate situation, because if by chance he revealed his feelings, there would be two main situations that could happen. Either, their friendship will be broken, because love is not mutual and to avoid ambiguous situations, the person who refused will gain momentum. Either, the love was mutual and they will go out together. In order to help you maintain your friendship, what are the ways to detect if you are in the friendzone? Here are some series of answers to situate you in your relationships with your “friends”.

1- You are never alone together

If you never have the opportunity to be together, that is to say, that the person avoids being alone with you, you are almost in the friend zone. Indeed, if the person on whom you have a crush always finds excuses for being in your company alone, it is because you do not like them. If at the beginning of your acquaintance you find yourself together with other people, it is normal, everyone takes the time to get to know each other.
By cons, if several times to sharpen after some time to get to know you are always accompanied, you should be wary, because if one of the signs you are in the friendzone. Indeed, if the person carries even a small interest in you, he will always have pretexts to be alone with you. She should be delighted with your company and will look for every way to avoid being bothered by others.

2- Less physical closeness

It is in the law of nature that two people who love each other attract each other. Indeed, physical attraction is reciprocal if love exists between the two. To find out if someone has a certain attraction for you, they will tend to follow you when they have free time. If you touch it and it will not present any discomfort and the atmosphere is not tense, this is a sign that you also like it in return.
Otherwise, that is, if she is not comfortable with your physical closeness, it is a sign that she considers you as a simple friend. Also, if you do not touch yourself even if an opportunity arises it means that you are in the friendzone. In this case, the boy is the friendzone. In fact, girls and boys act differently. If it is a boy, he will tend to act like a brother and be more teasing.
On the other hand, if the person you want tries to stick with someone else, that means that they are trying to get away from you. So she tries to avoid you and arranges for you to annoy her less. In addition, if for example you slept together in the same bed and there is no physical contact, it means that you have a relationship as between brothers and sisters.

3- The way he or she talks about other people in your presence

If a boy tells you about his conquests, this can be explained by two intentions. Either he tries to make you jealous or he tries to give you signs that he is interested in other people. In the latter, he tries to describe his kind of girls to you. How will you know which of these cases arises? It is not difficult to detect what it implies.
If he broaches the subject with a sneer and fun, he tries to make you jealous. On the other hand, if he asks you for advice on seduction and on how to proceed, he really considers you as a friend in this case. Besides, if he talks to you from time to time about the person he or she loves, you are also in the friend zone. Also, if she tells you about all of her romantic moments, people she or he has a crush on, you will have to forget about her and look for someone else.

4- Your discussion topics

When you exchange words, if the person calls you by cute first names like “buddy”, “old man” and others, it means that he really considers you as his friend. In this case, a romantic relationship is still far from occurring. That’s not to say he’s never going to love you, but so far, she sees you as just a friend. If you find yourself frequently talking about his problems and muddles in his love life, it’s a sign that you’re like a confidant friend to him.
Indeed, if you talk about your problems too often than other things, still welcome to the friendzone. On the other hand, if you find yourself continually consoling a girl in her problems, it can be said that you are a good friend for her.

5- Your activities together

We can detect the type of relationship between two people according to the activities they perform together. When you are together and there are signs of nervousness, it means that it is more than friendship. For example, if two people are together in the same room and the girl is intimidated when she changes her clothes, it means that she is in no way attracted to you. Indeed, if she does things without paying attention to them in your presence, it means that you are in her friendzone.
On the other hand, if you feel that you are doing everything the person you love is asking to do when they are not doing the same, you will have to open your eyes because you are in the friendzone. Normally, the effort should be mutual in both directions if two people love each other. Each will do their best if to please the other if love exists between the two. On the other hand, if she does not take care of her appearance when you are dating, it also shows that you do not interest her. Your relationship will become a romantic relationship if you feel that the person is getting nervous with you.

In conclusion, there is a friendzone when a person wishes to pursue a romantic relationship with another person who does not wish the same thing. The friendzone can take a turn and become a romantic relationship otherwise it can degenerate towards a break in friendship. You have to think carefully before deciding to declare your flame. All the points mentioned above can help you to detect in advance if the other person feels the same or not.

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