Forget your ex in 3 steps

You find life badly made, you have just suffered a rupture. You got dumped but you’re still hooked on your old boyfriend. And yet a page turns, you have to move on.

Stop depression, here are some tips to forget your ex in 3 steps. First, take a step back and take a fresh look at your last relationship.

This will allow you subsequently to make a new start and finally regain a taste for meeting new people.

1. Take a step back

The first reaction is to blame the whole Earth (or at least your ex). You are suffering and you do not know how to lighten your heart. To mourn your relationship, you must learn to externalize your feelings.

It is not good to contain oneself in such circumstances.

To let off steam, you can destroy everything that ties you to it: photos, love messages, gifts … Or if not, there is a sport.

You can let off steam on a punching bag or go jogging. It’s a good way to feel better afterward. Finally, write down everything you feel.

Express yourself without fear, you can destroy this document later.

The whole thing is to bring out the anger that is in you. On the other hand, it is important not to harass your ex or let off steam on him.

You must forget it so avoid contact. And even more any crisis of hysteria which could have the opposite effect: it will make you even more sensitive.

In addition, you will pass for a madwoman and hello the reputation that will result.

Finally, take stock of your relationship. If it didn’t work, there were reasons. Write down all the positive and negative points of your love story.

It is not all your ex’s fault, even if he left with another. And then, if that’s the case, it gives you one more reason to think that he didn’t deserve you.

2. Taking control of yourself to better forget your ex

Now that you have calmed down, you need to think more about yourself. Treat yourself to cheer yourself up. Relax with essential oil baths for example.

Or, take care and scrubs. Finally, shopping remains a good remedy to clear your head.

Also, to mark the occasion, getting a new haircut is a sign of renewal. No need to change to the extreme, just make a few small changes to feel like you’re making a fresh start.

Lighten its color, make curls, cut a fringe, make a gradient … keep it simple.

Be careful not to go overboard. I am thinking mainly of your credit card. Never will any superficial object, such as clothing, change your life.

Go shopping in a reasonable way or pay yourself for a single item that you have long dreamed of. Do not fall into the shopping frenzy because you will end up with two problems on your back: your banker and your ex that you still will not have been able to forget.

3. Meet new people

Now you are ready to stop lamenting your fate. You will regain a taste for outings. Staying at home rehashing your old stories won’t help.

Above all, don’t shut yourself up. Do you think your ex was everything for you? You will realize that no one is irreplaceable.

Tell yourself that it didn’t help you overcome cancer either. You need to put your past relationship into perspective.

Meet people and you will see that you can run into someone even better than your ex, both physically and mentally. Just start having a drink or two with a few girlfriends.

Then invite yourself to parties. And finally, without noticing anything, you will fall for the friend of a friend you met during one of your outings.

Resume social life gradually and everything will follow naturally. On the other hand, letting yourself be trained only at over-watered parties is not a solution.

Alcohol abuse just gives you an excuse to let go, but basically that doesn’t solve anything. And it is not by being drunk that we meet the best.

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