Five Traits of a Good Marriage


According to Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, these are the five best tools every good marriage uses to battle bad things.

1. Ownership:  Taking responsibility for the good as well as the bad

2. Hope:  Believing that good wins over bad

3. Empathy:  Walking in your partner’s shoes

4. Forgiveness:  Healing the hurts you don’t deserve

5. Commitment:  Living the love you promised

This list is a tall order for mere mortals, but it is within reach.  With God’s help, you can find the power you never dreamed of possessing to bring each of these qualities to life in your marriage.

1. Ownership: Taking Responsibility for the Good and the Bad

2. With Hope:  Believing that Good Wins Over Bad

The Power of Hope

3. Empathy:  Walking in your Partner’s Shoes

The Heart of Love

The History Factor

4. Forgiveness:  Healing the Hurts you Don’t Deserve

Forgiveness Stinginess

5. Commitment: Living the love you promise

Why Some Marriages Last So Long

Two Kinds of Commitment

Used with permission from the book When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages by Les and Leslie Parrott.

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