Family Time Ideas: Family Fun Ideas

Looking for ideas for Family Night that won’t break your budget? Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive. In the book, The Simpler Family: A Book of Smart Choices and Small Comforts for Families Who Do Too Much, author Christine Klein provides the following ideas.

Visit the Library

The library is a great source for inexpensive entertainment. You can choose a book to read together as a family, or you can have each family member choose his or her own book to read. Then plan a fun family night centered around the books—you can have drama skits to reenact favorite scenes or have an arts and crafts time. Libraries are also a great source for movies, magazines, and music.

Visit the Museum

Although most museums have a suggested donation for entrance, you might find free days or other special events at a reduced cost.

Watch for Special Events

Many community events have free admission. Your local library may also have special children’s events or family-friendly seminars. And sometimes paid events, such as county fairs, have free admission during special promotions. You may even find a few college or minor league sporting events that offer free admission. Check your community calendar in your local newspaper or television stations for local event listings.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Spend an afternoon at the local park. Take a picnic lunch and your family’s favorite games. And check with the park for upcoming special events.

Find a Hobby

Not all hobbies involve significant investments. For example, you can take your family bird-watching at the park. You could print a bird checklist from the Internet or borrow a book from the library to help you identify them. Or, start a bird journal in a spiral notebook for your kids to record what they see.

Whatever your family chooses to do, make sure the focus is on spending time together and learning about each other.

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This article is based on the book, The Simpler Family: A Book of Smart Choices and Small Comforts for Families Who Do Too Much, by Christine Klein.

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