Family Friendly Pranks

Want to get your kids excited and give them something fun to think about during their long summer days? Get them in on the family fun with these pranks.

It is important to not offend people, so use discretion when deciding which prank to play on each family member. Dad is usually an easy and fun target, so help the kids prank him. Have fun with these 10 ideas for family friendly pranks!

1. Caramel Onion

Go to the grocery store and buy an onion, some apples and a caramel apple kit.  Then make your caramel apples, but make a caramel onion too.

2. Sink Spray

Wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer to hold the lever down. When the water is turned on, it will come out of the sprayer instead of the faucet, giving whoever is in charge of kitchen duty a nice and refreshing surprise.

3. Dollar on a String

Attach a clear string to a dollar and wait for someone to spot it on the ground. Just before they have it in their hand, give it a small tug, and watch the person chase it across the room.

4. Alarm Clock

Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them to go off at very early times in the morning and hide them in several different places in your victim’s bedroom!

5. Toy Mania

Take a toy that your child has a lot of, like the little green toy soldiers or Matchbox cars, and hide them all over your child’s room: in their socks, shoes, drawers, pants pockets, etc. Tell your child a specific number of toys to find. Make it a fairly easy target as they will get frustrated if they have to find all the toys. Take your child out for ice cream or some other fun activity when they have reached the target number.

6. Salt Toothbrush

Pour a teaspoon of salt onto one of your family member’s toothbrushes.

7. Whoopie Cushion

Place a whoopie cushion on the seat at the dinner table.

8. Hamburger Surprise

Place fake bug in your victim’s hamburger.

9. Kool-Aid Shower

Pour a packet of red Kool-Aid into a shower head that is completely dry. When someone gets in to take a shower, they will get a sticky surprise.

10. Toilet paper

Target a relative or close family friend’s house.

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