Egg-zactly What Your Kids Need Baskets

Some things are just mandatory for your kids’ Easter baskets: candy, fake grass and smushed Peeps.  But those hardly fill the super-sized baskets that are out there today.  So fill your kids’ baskets with useful things– things you were going to buy anyway, disguised as fun Easter gifts!

Get Ready for Summer! Basket

  • Swim goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Inflatable beach toys (you can find them at the dollar store.)
  • Sunglasses

Have Fun Learning Basket

(Make sure your items in this one look fun… not too schoolish)

  • Themed flash cards
  • Fun ruler
  • Hour glass for timing study time
  • Gum to chew while studying
  • Cute workbooks
  • Books

Just One Thing Basket

(Put the focus on something your child already enjoys or wants to learn about)

  • Sports items: sports balls, small sports equipment, sports book
  • Interest items: Fit with the theme—geography, dance, horses, chess, etc.
  • Country items: Choose a country and plan your basket around it: France, Mexico, etc.


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