Don’t tell me “I love you” unless you can honestly answer the 5 questions below

Love is a complex feeling.

When the planets are aligned – or when Tinder is playing in your favor – a new guy is about to enter your life, bringing lots of ups and downs.

But will it be lust (this craving for physical intercourse or someone) or love (a sincere connection and interest in the other)?

Although these two things are intimately linked, they are far from the same but we tell you everything, once and for all.

1. Is it just physical intercourse?

Of course, the alchemy under the duvet is extremely important but an obsession or a fixation on the physical intercourse can be harmful.

After a while, you and your partner will either get tired or be constantly waiting for the next best thing to do in bed.

2. Do you have secrets?

Two people in love have no walls, no barriers, no secrets.

Most of the time, two people who are united only by lust find themselves hiding what they really are.

3. Do you have a deep and old friendship (s)?

If so, you are well on your way to falling in love with your partner.

A relationship that is not built on friendship will rarely be one to be counted on.

4. Do you often feel jealous or lacking in affection?

Two people in love trust each other, whatever the situation.

Two people who are united only by lust, who seek only physical intercourse often find reasons to be jealous of the wandering eyes of the other.

5. Do you expect your partner to be perfect?

Being in love means accepting each other’s faults and imperfections.

Two people who are united only by lust often expect the other to look perfect, to play their role perfectly, and to act perfectly with friends and family so that the relationship gives the impression of working.