Does he want to get involved?

You’ve been dating a great man for a while. But how do you know if he is serious and willing to get involved? Of course, you can ask him the question directly.

But you might scare him a little. This is why it is necessary to approach this subject with a lot of subtlety. And if not, here are some tips to help you know if your man wants to engage with you … or not.

Does he want to engage with me?

Not all men necessarily want to get involved. Some will be against this idea all their life and others will simply not feel ready.

Does this concern your lover? Here are 5 clues that can help you see more clearly.

1. All of his exes are “crazy”

Beware of a man who tells you that his exes were crazy, paranoid, bizarre or any other qualification that discredits them. The common point of all these girls is your boyfriend.

If all of his former relationships have been so chaotic, it may be because the problem comes from him. He may never have really wanted his love stories to get serious.

2. He’s too romantic

A lovely candlelit dinner is adorable. But if he only offers you isolated meetings, that is not a good sign. He is probably afraid of being seen in your company.

Especially if he has other conquests. The next time he invites you out, ask him to go to a public place. Watch her reaction.

If he insists that you still find yourself in an uncrowded place, it is probably because he has something to hide. Romanticism is there only to hide this strategy. Pay attention.

3. He’s whimsical on the phone

He sends you a dozen text messages one evening … then radio silence for several days? He talks to you on the phone for an hour … then ignores your messages the rest of the week?

You are probably wondering what is going on. Well, it is very likely that it is because he is on a date with other girls. He reacts excessively for a short time.

He stays taped on the phone with you, floods you with pity … so that you think he’s crazy about you. In reality, it is to compensate for his absences without you suspecting it.

4. Elements of his Facebook page disappeared

Has it gone away from photos where you are together? How often does he update his page but never mentions that he went somewhere with you? This kind of behavior is quite revealing.

A man who does not wish to commit always manages to hide his conquests.

5. His friends are not interested in you

If your boyfriend’s friends are not trying to get to know you, then they know in advance that your relationship is not serious.

They will not have fun wasting time and energy in knowing someone who will quickly disappear from their landscape.