Do Not Open Until Halloween is Over!

Did you peek? Did you open this before Halloween was over? That’s okay, we really don’t mind.

But if you did wait, we hope you made it through the day and evening without costume drama, cranky tears or candy wars. In fact, the one thing I didn’t enjoy about Halloween when my kids were small was the battles over candy— who got what, their wanting to have it for breakfast, and the claims that “somebody ate my M&Ms.”

So now that Halloween is behind us, we do have some great ideas to propel you right into the heart of Fall.

  1. Gather up that extra candy (yes, you get to decide what extra means!) and use it for this delicious game.
  2. Start November with a theme of thanks—our really beautiful and versatile Thanksgiving Tree printables highlights the family. Use them on a tree or see other ideas we came up with
  3. Finally, since I love Thanksgiving so much, I’d love for you to share our Thanksgiving Lunch Box Notes with your children this November.

So long, Halloween, and hello Thanksgiving!

How do you get in the Autumn mood?