“Do I like him?” »: Some answers

“Do I like him?” This is a question that is not easy to answer. But, to help you, here are 5 signs to watch out for.

1. He calls you for nothing

He sends you text messages like “Hey, hi, are you okay?” Or “I was just wondering what you were doing”.

He calls you to ask if you are ok, how is your evening going? It’s an excuse to hide the fact that he just wanted to talk to you.

An interested man will take every opportunity to hear from you, to further develop your relationship.

“Do I like him?” Is that the question you were asking yourself? You have your answer! ?

2. He waits for your reaction … without seeming to

Let’s put ourselves in condition. You are around the coffee machine, with your colleagues and, of course, the superb Apollo from the human resources office. There, Apollo swings a joke (quite funny anyway). Who is he looking at first?

If he immediately gives you a discreet look, it means he is wondering how you are going to receive it. He hopes you will laugh and that is what betrays him.

A man who is interested in a woman pays far more attention to what she thinks of him, but he will never recognize him.

Observe the behavior of your Apollo, see if he seeks your consent when he speaks. It’s a pretty revealing clue …

3. Capture his gaze

The look is the great “hobby” of Seducing a man. If you have already browsed a few articles on the site, you are aware that the look is of paramount importance in terms of seduction.

If your Apollo is looking at you a little longer than it should, do not hesitate to initiate a game of looks.

Look at him for a few moments, wait to catch his gaze, and look away. Then wait for him to do the same.

After a few days of this game, you should have a clearer idea of ​​how it might feel for you …

4. He tells you about him

If your Apollo begins to tell you about him, to tell you what he likes and what he doesn’t like, or to tell you about his personal life or his family, this should get your attention.

Most men find it difficult to confide in and talk about their emotions. When they start to open up and talk about things they usually keep secret, you are on the right track…

5. He is interested in your life

If he seems very attentive when you talk to him about yourself, it’s a good point. If he retains trivial details and doesn’t hesitate to bring them out in your conversations, it’s even better.

Men are like us, they only retain information that interests them.

Thus, by showing themselves also attentive towards you, they clearly send you the message that they are interested in and that they hope to make you also be.

There is no magic bullet to determine if a man is interested. So when you ask yourself the question “do I like him?” “, Start to try to spot the 5 signs that we have just seen, but do not stop there.

To be certain, you must go cash: ask him directly!

It’s your turn!

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