Creating New Holiday Traditions

As families grow and relocate, celebrating together at the holidays may change, as well. To make the most of these special times with your immediate and extended family, consider establishing some new holiday traditions to foster the holiday spirit!

1. Caroling and Cookies.

If your family gets together in the days just prior to Christmas, plan an outing to sing carols to the neighbors. Another great potential audience, the sweet ladies and gentlemen at your local retirement community or nursing home. After making merry, gather back at home for some cookies and cocoa!

2. Serving Together.

Some families say that their favorite holiday memories involve things they did together for others. Consider loading up and heading down to the local mission to help serve holiday meals or help wrap gifts for needy children. You might find that family holiday tensions subside when everyone is engaged in something meaningful.

3. Trimming the Tree.

In some families, decorating is a mom-only affair. But perhaps you could save the tree for a fun evening of decorating together. Kids love to string cranberries or popcorn to make the garland, and they love to hang ornaments on the lower branches. Will your tree be fit for a decorating magazine? Probably not. Will it be a source of sweet memories? You bet.

4. Bake and Take.

Family members of all ages can pitch in for a day of baking up some yummy Christmas treats and wrapping them up for friends and neighbors. Smaller children can help cut out cookies, decorate the packages and make hand-made cards attached to your gifts.

5. Find the Best Lights.

Put the little ones in their pj’s, fill a thermos with hot cocoa, and hop in the car after dark to check out the best holiday light displays in your area. It’s great, low-cost entertainment that helps everyone get in the Christmas spirit! Afterward, settle in for some light Christmas reading.