Couple routine: how to avoid it?

The start of a couple’s life is very often exciting: we discover each other, we never tire of each other, we cover ourselves with small (and big) attention, we love each other and we repeat ourselves incessantly… in short, we see life in pink.

Then the craze of the first days begins to diminish. We know each other better, we look at ourselves less, we touch each other less, the days go by and look alike … and by dint of seeing each other, we no longer see each other.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to “spice up” your daily life and avoid routine in a couple …

The golden rule, first of all, is organization. Try to organize your life in order to give yourself moments alone with your loved one.

It doesn’t matter that you have different schedules, whether you are very busy with your work, or by your children … to preserve your relationship, give yourself regular moments of private time.

Attention, who says moment alone, does not necessarily mean candlelit dinner or a romantic evening with candles, champagne, rose petals and silk sheets!

A meal in your favorite restaurant, or simply at home, a walk-in nature, a shopping spree, a day (or two) in the countryside… or even a DVD-pizza evening if that pleases you!

What matters is spending pleasant time together, relaxing, and forgetting the little worries associated with everyday life … at least for the evening!

Obviously, the goal is not to stay glued to each other and not allow any exit without his half.

As many think, it is indeed important to keep a part of independence and to go out on your own.

But do not abandon your romantic outings in favor of your evenings with friends (and vice versa!)

Also think of innovating, of surprising your partner with small gestures or special attention.

Wait for her (her) at the end of her work or at her lunch break, improvise a romantic evening at the restaurant or at the cinema, offer her a massage after a difficult day, offer her the clothes or the book of which he ( she) spoke to you, suggest different outings or activities…

In short, let him understand that your heart is still beating for him (her) and that you want to share things with him (her).

Take both initiatives in your everyday life (including under the duvet), and you will see that your love life will only get better.

Finally, talk to yourself. Communicate. The absence of dialogue is very harmful to the couple.

Share your feelings, your opinion, your desires, your expectations with your other half. Speak without taboos, freely exchange your opinions and your desires.

It is important to privilege the concept of exchange within the couple so that this one is completely fusional.

Do not hesitate to tell him how much you appreciated this or that moment spent with him (her), or to compliment him (her) on his physique or on his dress.

Show her that you are still sensitive to her charm, that the love you felt for him (her) at the beginning remained intact.

In bed, take the time to rediscover the desire you had for each other at the start of your relationship.

Take care of your appearance, favor outfits that are a little more “daring” than usual … A few small details are enough to make a desire rise in your partner.

Pay attention to each other, and use your imagination to add a little fantasy to your s**xuality: vary the pleasures, the positions, the places … This can only strengthen the desire and the love you have one for the other.

To conclude: show your imagination, be creative, innovative, surprising, while remaining attentive to your loved one … and you will see that routine is not inevitable!

And you, what are your tips to avoid the routine?

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