Board Games: Get Board!

Fun board games that will get your whole family laughing and learning together:

Candyland (ages 3-6): Your kids will want to play this color recognition and matching game over and over again.

Chutes and Ladders (ages 3 and up): A game of chance that teaches number recognition and helps kids learn to count to 100.

Cootie (ages 3-6): Great for teaching your youngsters colors and patience.

What’s Gnu? (ages 5-8): Kids will learn lots of new three-letter words, and have a great time doing it.

Monopoly Junior (ages 5-8): An easier edition of the age-old classic.

Tip It! (ages 5 and up): A balancing challenge that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats.

Trouble (ages 5 and up): Makes for troublesome but exciting family adventures!

Monopoly (ages 8 and up): Familiar fun that your kids will love as much as you did.

Life (9 and up): Show your kids that you can all get through life together!

Imaginiff… (ages 10 and up): Your kids’ imaginations will get a work-out and your family will bond by discovering new things about each other.

Scrabble (ages 10 and up): A classic that’s great for improving vocabulary and spelling.

Apples to Apples (ages 12 and up): An exciting game that reveals each of the players’ personalities.

Pictionary (ages 12 and up): A blast to play for everyone, especially the artists in your family.

Taboo (ages 12 and up): Enhances critical thinking skills – you really have to use your head for this one!

Scattergories (ages 12 and up): Teenagers will love this fun mental challenge.

Cranium (ages 13 and up): A thrilling test of math, vocabulary, and general knowledge – and even artistic ability.

Guesstures (ages 12 and up): Can you act out four words in just a few short seconds?

Mad Gab (ages 10 and up): One of the most entertaining and fun talk-out-loud games you’ll ever play