Birth Order in Marriage


  • The birth order in your marriage may affect how well you and your spouse get along.  Learning about birth order will help the two of you understand why you always fight about the same things.
  • Marrying a person with the same birth order rank can bring challenges.  A husband-wife combination of two firstborns, two only children, or one of each is sure to result in head bumping.  These two groups are by nature perfectionists, flaw-finders, and nitpickers.  They are also the most competitive, so both will be convinced they are right.  The key with them is acceptance and compromise.
  • Two middle children together often results in buried, brewing emotions since both wish to avoid conflict.  It is important for such couples to communicate all feelings with each other.
  • A pair of two youngest can be dangerous due to impulsive behaviors.  This combination is likely to go through money quickly.
  • According to research, the best three matches are only children and last borns, firstborns and last borns, and middle children and last borns.

Taken with permission from Birth Order Book, The: Why You Are the Way You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman.

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