Benefits of Marriage: 20 Reasons I’m Glad I’m Hitched

We give a lot of marriage advice here at iMOM. And because relationships advice tends to gravitate toward how to solve or avoid problems, the sum total of our headlines might paint a picture of marriage as a constant struggle. It’s true that in some cases marriage can be hard. But here’s another truth for you: Being single is no picnic either.

On my worst married day, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve got for the alternative. My relationship with my spouse gives to me more than it takes. The life we’ve built together is a major piece of my identity. Oh—and also, I really like him. The benefits of marriage are many!

So today, we’re calling the glass half full. We’re counting our blessings. We’re recognizing the silver lining. (What we’re not doing, apparently, is avoiding clichés.) Check out the 20 reasons I’m glad I’m married, and maybe by the end of the list, you’ll be convinced that we’ve got it pretty good!

20 Marriage Benefits:

  1. Never having to scramble to find some dude to be your “plus one” for your cousin’s/boss’s/best friend’s wedding. It’s hard enough to find something to wear.
  2. Always having someone to talk to about the things that concern you, whether it’s stuff in your own life or what you heard on the news.
  3. He’s a built-in bed warmer in the colder months. (Fun fact: the larger the husband, the warmer the bed.)
  4. Having a wingman for your parenting adventures and struggles. Calling one another “Maverick” and “Goose” is optional.
  5. Knowing someone who loved you as a size 4 who still loves you as a size 10.
  6. Having someone in your home to lead your family when things are confusing or uncertain.
  7. Always having someone who can reach that crazy zipper or button on the back of your dress that you can’t.
  8. Sharing life with someone who cares about the same things you do–namely your family!
  9. Husbands are always up for ordering dessert. Always.
  10. Having someone around to share the challenge of providing financially for your family and your future.
  11. The option to do date night on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn, no makeup and sweatpants. Yessssssss.
  12. The option to do date night on the town, dressed to the nines, and feeling glamorous.
  13. Totally acceptable–even encouraged–sex. No guilt. No fear.
  14. Rarely, if ever, having to come home to an empty, too quiet house.
  15. Having someone who knows you well enough to finish your sentences–even though he’s smart enough to use this superpower selectively.
  16. Having a handyman on call 24/7. And he’s free.
  17. Knowing that if the waiter comes while you’re in the ladies’ room, he can order for you.
  18. Feeling protected–both physically and emotionally–in a world that can be scary at times.
  19. Having a man around to explain “man things” to your sons.
  20. Knowing that no matter what, you’ve got each other.

Let’s Talk: What’s your favorite perk of married life?

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