Before you start dating, wait until you meet someone as bizarre as you!

During your lifetime, you will meet so many different people. And, you will probably go out with a few. During your relationships, it is important to remain patient. Be patient and wait until you meet someone as weird as you.

Wait for someone who will laugh at your bad jokes

During your lifetime, you will go out with people who are unable to understand your jokes. Maybe they are really bad and some people are absolutely not going to laugh. Expect the person who will laugh at your horrible jokes, not out of pity but because they appreciate the quality of your rhetoric.

Wait for someone who will accept your wild side

You may sometimes be too noisy in public; maybe you spontaneously go into karaoke or wild dance or try to take funny pictures in front of others. Whatever the nature of your wild side, wait for someone who will be able to join you in your madness.

Do not couple with someone who will be embarrassed and who will try to calm you down. Wait for someone who is going to participate or who is going to take videos to be able to laugh at you in a few years.

Wait for someone who will do strange imitations with you

Life is too short to be serious. Wait for someone to speak with you in a weird and funny voice. Wait for someone who will use strange words to speak to you. Wait for someone who will dance or move in a ridiculous way, just to make you laugh.

Wait for someone who will behave like an idiot in front of you

When you are in a relationship, it is important to have fun. It is too stressful to be constantly worried about how the other person perceives you. Expect a person who will behave like a perfect idiot in front of you and who will accept your wacky side. Wait for someone who can laugh at your nonsense.

Wait for someone who’s not going to make you feel crazy because you’re a little weird

Some people may be full of judgment. Wait for someone who is not going to belittle you or tell you that you are crazy because you are a little strange. Expect someone who doesn’t just tolerate your weirdness, but someone who will accept it.

Wait for someone who will love every part of you, even the strangest

Wait for someone who isn’t going to roll your eyes or make fun of you when you do something weird. Wait for someone to laugh when you behave strangely. Expect someone who likes your wacky side.

Quite simply, expect someone as bizarre as you.