Back to School Home Organization Ideas

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all experienced a form of homeschooling. It quickly became clear that organization can be the difference between success and chaos. Whether it’s establishing a great workspace or managing the onslaught of papers that come home each week—setting up a few systems for good back to school home organization will pay off in preserved sanity. Your sanity, Mom. And can you put too high a price on that? We didn’t think so…

Here’s how to dive in and get your home back-to-school ready, no matter what kind of schooling you’re doing! Do you have other areas to declutter? Don’t miss our Home Organization 101 Series!

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1. Create a homework station for your students.

It can be as simple or as elaborate as you see fit, but a designated space where all of the study supplies live can make afternoon homework time a little easier.

homework station

2. Create files for paperwork each child brings home.

Remember those great filing systems we talked about in iMOM’s Home Office Organization tips? Make sure you set up some for each child. We recommend at least two for each child: one for parent information related to academics and one for forms and schedules related to extracurriculars. You can also set up files for the work they bring home that you want to keep.

school paperwork

3. Get your kids trained in the “after school flow“.

Teach your gang to go through a series of actions each afternoon to learn personal responsibility, organization, and to be helpful around the house. We love the suggested routine on this chart!

after school flow

4. Set up a lunch packing station.

Create an area of the fridge and/or pantry dedicated to the supplies and food items needed to pack a healthy lunch. It will help you in packing for smaller kids and will help older kids do it for themselves more easily! It’s just one of several ways to make school mornings easier.

lunch packing

5. Create a holding area for sports equipment in the garage.

Sports equipment can smell like a herd of goats (trust us, it’s bad) when stored in your home or your car. Solution? Keep everything handy in bins or lockers by the back door. It can air out overnight and it’s ready to grab again when you head out in the morning!

sports storage

6. Stock up on healthy and quick breakfast items.

Back to school home organization should extend into the food spaces, too! Make sure your freezer and pantry are chock full of easy, on-the-go breakfast options. We love these make-ahead, freezable egg and sausage muffins!

healthy breakfast

7. Establish a family calendar for all the afternoon and evening busyness.

Whether you use an old-school paper calendar on the fridge or one of the slick apps designed for families on the go, get everybody’s schedule in one place so that both parents can access it easily.

family calendar

Do you have a tried and true back to school home organization tip? Tell us about it.