Back-to-School Games

Last year, I decided to have a back-to-school feast for my kids. It wasn’t much work at all, and they loved it.

I let them choose their favorite foods, and my husband read a funny family newsletter he created, followed by a prayer asking that their year be blessed with safety, learning, and friendship. I also played these 2 themed back to school games.

Mom and Dad School Memories Game

  • Come up with memories from your own school days  (For example, “Third grade was my favorite grade because of my great teacher. I broke my arm on the playground in fifth grade. I learned cursive writing in third grade. My best friend in second grade was from Japan.”) and write each one on a separate slip of paper.
  • Have your children take turns reading them aloud and let them guess whose memory it is, Mom’s or Dad’s.

Numbers Game

  • Before your dinner starts, sneak away from the kids long enough to cut out small squares of paper and number them from one to ten.
  • Tape the individual numbers under their plates, the bottoms of their drinking glasses, under their chairs, etc.
  • When it’s time to play the game, have them find a number. You can direct them to their location.
  • When they say the number, have them complete the corresponding question or fill in the blank:
  1.  What are you most looking forward to on the first day of school?
  2. What two things did you like most about last school year?
  3. Who have been your three favorite teachers or adults at school?
  4. What are your four favorite school lunches?
  5. Name five things you don’t ever want to have for lunch.
  6. Name six new things you learned last year.
  7. What class subject would you love to have seven days a week?
  8. Should school be eight hours long each day? Longer? Shorter? Why?
  9. Do you think we can be on time to school nine days in a row?
  10. Give mom and dad ten hugs – right now!

 What games does your family play when the back-to-school season comes?

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