Are beautiful people luckier in love?

Here is a sacred side of the coin: people (very) attractive physically would find it much more difficult to find love and stay in a couple, as evidenced by recent American research.

Contrary to what one might suppose, physical beauty is not an asset in love . At least, to live a lasting and happy romantic relationship … This is what emerges from an American study published, in February 2017, on Personal Relationships during which the researchers realized that the “attractive” people were more unlucky in love, often subscribed to short relationships, breakups and divorces.

So, certainly, at the time of the meeting, the guns have some advantages, more easily attracting the glances in their direction. However, your charming prince / princess may not be the one you hoped for. And being spoiled for choice by “beautiful” people when it comes to dating would hurt the likelihood that they will have long relationships. In any case, this is what psychologist Christine Ma-Kellams concluded through her research: “Attractiveness gives you more options in terms of alternative relationships, which would make the relationship more vulnerable. In this sense, having too many choices is probably not good for the longevity of relationships. ” In short, they are increasing the number of meetings but because of this,

Beauty is as fleeting as relationships

To reach these conclusions, the study called on volunteers who were asked to leaf through old yearbooks (trombinoscopes) and assess people for their attractiveness. Then they studied how many people deemed “attractive” were divorced today. And they thus found that the latter were more prone to ruptures.

Secondly, the participants had to rate actors on the IMDB cinematographic database according to their level of “s exitude”. Then, the researchers compared the top rated celebrities and their romantic relationships and it was again the same observation: the most beautiful stars were more likely to be in short relationships or to have divorced.

This is a study that makes us want to celebrate all the more our small imperfections, which, if this is not already the case, will lead us on the road to love shortly.

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