An expert says we need 8 Hugs a day

Hugs is a sign of affection that we usually use with the people we care about. In comfort, sadness or love, this warm movement is universal and adapts to all situations. According to many studies, this gesture, considered by some people as banal, is a great way to live happily and in good health. In this article, we will return to 5 scientific evidence that would explain this idea.

When we embrace the people we love, there are many reactions in our body that promote our well-being. Indeed, according to reports reported by  Virginia Satir’s Forbes magazine, an expert in family therapy, we would need 4 daily hugs for our survival, 8 for our development and 12 for our growth!

This theory was first presented by  Paul Zak, an American neuroeconomist fascinated by the power of oxytocin on well-being. Moreover, it characterizes it as “social glue” because it would promote love, affection, trust or generosity between men. Thus, according to the scientist, it would be essential to find natural ways to boost the production of this hormone, starting with an extremely simple recommendation: 8 Hugs a day! Discover all their benefits:

1- They reduce stress:

When a person is stressed, giving him a hug would be a great comfort. According to a study whose purpose was to study the psychological and physiological effects of cuddling in men, cortisol levels, a stress hormone, were reduced. In addition,   frequent cuddling within the couple stimulates the high production of other hormones such as oxytocin, a hormone involved in establishing trust between individuals.

2- They protect against diseases:

Performing and receiving hugs frequently can help keep you healthy. After conducting a study of 404 participants, scientists discovered the preventive effect of hugs against infectious diseases because of its ability to reduce stress. Indeed, this emotional reaction of the body also affects physical health, including reducing the immune system response, increasing blood pressure and causing muscle tension. According to one study, psychological stress would reduce the body’s ability to regulate inflammation, especially in colds. 

3- They can improve the health of the heart:

In a study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, scientists have attempted to better understand the impact of hugs on the heart. They formed two groups using a sample of 200 healthy adults:

– The first group consisted of loving partners who had to hold hands for 10 minutes and hug a 20-second hug.
– The second group consisted of romantic partners who had to sit in silence for 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

The results showed that people in the first group experienced decreases in blood pressure and heart rate compared to the second group.

4- They help to increase pleasure:

Also called “hugging hormone”, it is to oxytocin that we owe some of the benefits of hugs on pleasure. Indeed, when we hold others in our arms, we stimulate this hormone that scientists associate with happiness and lower stress and blood pressure. 

5- They reduce anxiety and mistrust:

For scientists, physical contact resulting from cuddling can be a powerful remedy for people with low self-esteem, giving them more confidence and relational ease. In addition, it could contribute to a sense of social inclusion and inclusion that is important for those who have difficulty in becoming aware of the present moment.