A picnic or a romantic dinner at the beach

Are you on vacation with the person you love the most in the world?
Do you want to organize a romantic surprise for her?
Why not organize a small dinner on the beach?
You will be able to share a delicious moment for two while contemplating the sunset in each other’s arms, then the stars lying on the sand!
We offer some tips and ideas to make this moment magical, memorable and unique!

Choose the place for your picnic dinner!

First, choose a beach where you are sure that few people will be there in the early evening. Also check before anything else that your beach is well located to admire the sunset!
Once on the beach, choose a place sheltered from the wind and rather calm in terms of “tourist traffic”.

Choose the right time to picnic!

The choice of the moment to organize a romantic meal on the beach is very important.
Indeed, you will have to take note of the weather: no rain forecast for the evening, not too windy, … You will also have to take a look at the tide times to prevent a wave from spoiling your sweet moment for two.
And finally: dinner time. Try to start your romantic dinner early (7:00 p.m.) so you can fully enjoy your evening and the sunset for dessert.

The organization of your meal

Ideas for preparation
For this meal on the beach to be most romantic, it is better that it remains a surprise for the loved one. It is therefore important to prepare everything in advance and discreetly.
For dishes you can take a real wicker picnic basket (it will be much more classy and romantic!)
Also provide a tablecloth or blanket to sit comfortably on the sand.

Ideas of dishes
The best is to prepare cold dishes (for the practical side), healthy and rather “class” (for the romantic side). Here are some examples:

Savory dishes
– Chicken roast or cold roast beef
– Various and varied miniatures: Mini sandwiches, mini cakes, shuttles, tartlets, cupcakes, mini skewers …
– Terrines with vegetables, country or fish
– Various vegetable sticks (carrots, cucumber, radishes, cauliflower, .. ) to dip in a small white cheese / chive sauce – Mixed

Sweet dishes
– Summer fruits: strawberries, cherries, watermelon, melon, …
– Small dry cakes
– Mini cakes, tartlets, cupcakes, …
– Chocolates
– Petit fours

Also don’t forget the bread, salt, pepper and other condiments to accompany your dishes.

Ideas for romantic activities

– A small quiz to see if you know each other perfectly
– Contemplate the sunset, then the stars by hugging each other.
– Walk hand in hand, feet in the water
– A romantic midnight swim (why not!)
– Write the name of your darling on the wet sand (photo … but completely romantic !)

Check list for your picnic dinner

Here is a small checklist to be sure not to forget the essentials when organizing your romantic dinner on the beach:
– A tablecloth or a large blanket
– Cutlery, plates, glasses, napkins
– A corkscrew
– A bag isothermal to store food
– Garbage bags
– Two sweaters for the end of the evening
– Depending on the weather: a parasol, sunglasses, hats

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