9 things that destroy your romantic relationship if you neglect them

What really destroys a couple? What are the most important things in a romantic relationship? How to have a lasting couple? What are the means to strengthen your couple?

True love  is one who loves you unconditionally. This person who sincerely cares for you and supports you in difficult trials. It is also this person who treats you as a loved one, regardless of your situation in life. True love must be something to work for everyday.

You will learn in this article what is really important in love. I wish you a good reading !

Here are the 9 things that destroy your romantic relationship if you neglect them:

1. Confidence

I would say that trust in a couple relationship is the most important thing, since without trust, the couple is not solid and will not last very long. It is true that giving confidence to others can sometimes not be easy.

It is even more difficult if there are previous relationships that you have experienced that have hurt you. You should know that just trusting each other is one of the greatest proofs of love.

2. Freedom

It is good to be in a relationship every day, but you must have independence, that is to enjoy your little moments of freedom. The letting go can do a world of good, even if the couple is healthy. Of course, you don’t have to do this for several days, but a few hours a week without seeing your partner will be enough. I think this can be a very good start.

We all need to meet individually. If only to spend time alone, with family, friends or at our favorite activities. A couple relationship should not be a prison, but where you can live freely to be happier .

3. Communication

Communication is the key to a wonderful relationship. The simple fact of expressing your feelings, your expectations, finding solutions to conflicts, that’s already it! That way you at least have a say. Things will never be clear to you if you don’t have good communication.

4. Complicity

Your partner should not only be your lover, but also be your best friend. Friendship in love is really essential. The kind of person you can talk to about anything and everything. The one with whom you can absolutely trust him.

5. Security

Tell me, who here doesn’t need love security? Yes, all couples need security.

Security is like a mixture of communication, respect and trust. If one of the two people feels worried or does not trust you, the couple may quickly collapse. A relationship cannot be built without these very important bases.

6. Respect

A couple who quarrels from time to time is normal. Why ? There is no perfect relationship in this world. However, if it becomes an everyday habit, it could damage the relationship over time.

It remains that the exchanges between you must always be done with respect. Verbal, psychological or physical violence is never the solution. If you are with a narcissistic pervert or a manipulator, the chances are very slim that his advice will bear fruit. These people will not change. Flee them as soon as possible!

Respecting each other is important for keeping a healthy relationship .

7. S-x

Whether you like it or not, having an accomplice in bed is important too. If you share the same s”xual desire with your partner, everything is perfect. It is true that it is not only s-x that is important, but it is one of the most important things in a romantic relationship.

8. Compromises

Walt Disney lied to us! It is not true that romantic relationships must be absolutely a fairy tale. The reason is that everyone has expectations, things they like or like less.

This is why we sometimes have to compromise in love. It is even very often what builds a couple in the long term, so you will achieve happiness more easily together. If someone still gives without receiving anything in return, your boat will sink.

9. The common future

One wants to travel, the other wants to stay in his country. There is no future in this kind of relationship. If the couple does not have one or more projects in common for the future, it will destroy the love between the two. A couple goes ahead if they have a lot of common interest.

It is not for nothing that during the first meeting, it is one of the first discussions to know if there is a future between the two.

Tell me, what is the most important thing in a relationship? There are several different views on this, I would be curious to know yours.

I wish you much happiness in love!