9 techniques that allowed me to have more self-confidence

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you may have noticed that many of our publications talk about self-confidence. No matter what subject our authors tackle, we always tell you that you need to work on your self-confidence.

You want to meet love, get out of a toxic relationship, overcome your emotional dependence, make a career change, achieve your dreams or find your life mission , we always come to tell you that you absolutely have to work on your confidence In you. The reason is that self-confidence is a very important element in building a happy, fulfilled and more positive life.

Do you feel that, despite all the articles you have read and the videos of our coaches that you have watched on the subject, you still have little self-confidence?

Like me, have you struggled with this problem most of your life and come to believe that it is impossible to overcome it? You are not the first person to think that she is doomed to suffer from lack of confidence all her life.

I understand you so much! I founded this site in 2012 after a difficult period, at a time in my life when my self-esteem was destroyed. I am behind each publication that the authors offer me through the Positive Partners program . I spread advice on self-confidence on the web when I myself have a lack of confidence in certain spheres of my life.

Take romantic relationships, it is not because I am friends with Alexandre Cormont, one of the best love coach in the world , that I always have confidence in myself when the time comes to seduce a woman. I make an effort, I improve a lot, but I am aware that it is a daily work. I have more confidence in myself than yesterday and less than tomorrow. It is possible to feel more confident while working on yourself. It’s all about attitude!

Here are 9 techniques that have given me more confidence:

1- Work on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.

We often tend to dwell on the negative aspects of our life rather than the positive. Instead of strengthening your weaknesses, direct your energy towards a better development of your natural talents. When we keep the focus on our strengths, we realize our potential and this conditions our brain to have more confidence in us.

2- Change your thoughts so that it is more positive.

Learn to change the voice inside your head that says “ You’re not good enough ” or “ You can’t do it ”. After identifying this negative inner speech, try to replace it with more positive thoughts . This is not always easy since we have been conditioned for so long to judge ourselves severely, but when we become aware of this inner discourse, and we manage to modify it, you are halfway there.

3- Set small goals to achieve.

By preparing well to reach your goals , whatever the field, you boost your self-confidence. Split your bigger goals into smaller ones, so that you will have the feeling of having progress. When you reach each goal, you condition your brain to believe in yourself.

4- Be nice to others.

We hardly deploy any energy or particular skill to be nice to those around us, yet the action has immeasurable advantages on our self-confidence. Hold the door to a stranger, smile as you walk down the street and greet those you meet. Nowadays, the problem with kindness is that it is perceived as a weakness , but this is completely false, it is the lack of self-confidence which is the real weakness. You can be nice, but learn to set your limits so that some people don’t abuse them.

5- Accept the invitations.

Sometimes when we lack self-confidence, we tend to isolate ourselves from others. The fear of being rejected or being humiliated by others means that we miss opportunities to be sociable. Even if you feel shy at the start, challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. By accepting the invitation, you show that you really want to have a relationship with this person. You send a positive message, the reception of the other will also be positive, and this will increase your confidence.

6- Take the attitude of a person who has self-confidence,

Visualization is a powerful tool used by top athletes and others who have been successful. Taking the attitude of a person who has self-confidence, even if this is not the case, will change your perception of yourself, restructure your subconscious , and without realizing it, you will really feel to trust you.

7- Stop thinking too much and go to the others.

I believe it is one of the things that being an entrepreneur, going into business networking activities has helped me the most on my self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence is usually boosted by an exaggerated self-awareness filled with self-judgment. This tendency to want to analyze each situation too much only reinforces our negative feelings and forces us to remain inactive. Stop focusing on yourself, the other person’s perception of you, and try to make contact quickly. Reach out to others, introduce yourself, start conversations and follow the movement.

Don’t worry about what people think of you. They are too busy worrying about what you think of them.

8- Observe the people who seem to trust them.

Rather than fueling negative thoughts about not trusting yourself, try to get inspiration from people who seem to trust them. You don’t have to change your person to imitate someone else, but you can learn from them to build an improved version of yourself.

9 – Learn to manage rejection.

I think this is the most important point. Rejection is a part of life and even people who seem to blend in easily have been rejected at some point. Don’t take rejection wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. It’s nothing personal and don’t let your ego take over by flogging you. The more you will be able to cope with rejection, the more your self-confidence, and the less your fear of failure will affect you. Remember that when one door closes, it brings you closer to another that is open.

To conclude: recognize that the feeling of having little confidence is normal and stop being too harsh on yourself. Confidence comes from your assessment of your own abilities, it is only a matter of circumstance and learning. We often lack self-confidence because we have gaps in our education that have led us to a poor awareness of our abilities, but know that you can really change things if you really want to.

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