9 Essential Tips for a First Date

The first few dates can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t have a lot of training.

It is therefore important to establish a plan in your head before going out with your man.

You certainly already have a good idea of ​​the label, but we will still review the basics to be sure that you have all of this in mind during your appointment.

On a first date, the most important thing is to make a good impression, have a good time, and get to know each other a little better.

Here are the essential steps to follow:

1. Make an effort to be presentable

First impressions can have a big impact, and if you take your breath away from the start, your date starts well.

The key is to dress in a way that will impress him while making sure you are comfortable. There is no point in shining brightly if your dress is too tight or if you are too hot or too cold!

Whether your outfit needs to be more casual (for example if you go to an outdoor show) or more classy (if you dine in a good restaurant), make sure that you wear clothes that highlight and highlight your assets.

You can, for example, wear a skirt or a dress that shows your beautiful legs, or a top just barely enough.

You can reveal a little skin as long as you are comfortable and you do not go too far. As a general rule, your dress should not protrude more than a few inches above your knees. And remember that black is the slimming color par excellence and that it enhances any woman. So if you are not sure, choose black.

To summarize, choose an outfit that makes you feel attractive and s**xy but that you would be comfortable wearing in front of his family. Because if you really love this man, you want him to think you are a woman he can introduce to his parents.

Wear a little makeup to accentuate your features and complete your outfit, but once again, don’t overdo it. Let your natural beauty show! Make sure you are completely satisfied with your appearance before going out. Because when you are beautiful, you feel good.

This obviously includes your personal hygiene. Wash your body and hair, brush your teeth (and use mouthwash if you have one), put on deodorant.

The icing on the cake is to add a touch of perfume or body cream. Indeed, the sweet smell of your femininity will certainly make him mad with desire.

2. Be classy and polite

On a first date, you want to show off in the best light (remember, what matters is the first impression).

That means you have to sit at the table as best you can. Closing your mouth and resisting the urge to speak when your mouth is full is obviously essential! But it is also important to be polite with the waiter or waitress and try to eat gently and slowly rather than gobbling up everything.

Avoid ordering a dish that is hard to eat cleanly (such as a hamburger), too spicy, or that contains garlic – it will make you feel bad and you are unlikely to get a kiss.

And remember to leave swear words and politically incorrect thoughts at home – that sort of thing can ruin a good first impression.

Finally, avoid criticizing everything he says or does (even if you do not agree!) And wait until it is your turn to speak rather than cutting him off.

3. Keep the conversation interesting

Making conversation may seem like the most boring part of a date, but here are a few tips that will certainly make your job easier.

– First, become the subject of the discussion in turn. Don’t monopolize the floor. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so it’s best to go both ways. The best way to be sure is to refer the questions he asks you. For example “Where did you grow up?” “

– Questions are a good way to start or keep the conversation going. If you are very nervous, try to write down a few questions before going to the appointment. For example “What do you listen to like music?” “What do you do in your spare time?” “Have you seen any good movies recently?” “

– You already know whether certain topics interest him or not, so adjust the topics of the conversation accordingly.

– I am sure that you will discover many common interests during the discussion, which will make new topics of conversation. And if you already know some interests that you have in common, start the discussion by talking about that!

– If the discussion runs out of steam, start a new topic. Sometimes you can do this naturally if you choose to focus on one thing he said in particular. For example, he could say “I cook often and I try to be creative in my recipes, but sometimes it’s difficult because one of my roommates is gluten intolerant”. What you can answer “Oh, it’s incredible the number of people who are gluten and dairy intolerant these days!” … And continue the conversation about food allergies.

– Don’t be afraid of silence! He prefers to be with someone with whom there can be comfortable silences, rather than with a woman who fills all silences with irrelevant blah-blah. Instead, use these silences to make eye contact and smile.

– Avoid “sensitive” subjects like the plague. For example, old relationships, your menstrual cycle (how would you get there anyway ??), or anything else that could embarrass either of you. And avoid talking about the direction of your relationship. A first date is far too early to talk about this.

– Remember that men are not like your friends. They do not want to know all the gossip about your workplace or the concerns you have with a friend.

– Finally, do not criticize yourself (for example, do not talk to him about your worries about your weight). Self-criticism will certainly make him back off. You should be proud of yourself and if your date has a problem with an aspect of your personality, it is that it does not deserve you.

4. Be honest with yourself

If we always want to make the best of an appointment, it is important that you remain yourself rather than trying to be someone that you are not.

People tend to notice quickly when someone is an impostor, and as you get to know yourself, you can be sure that they will be able to spot anything that is not true about you.

For example, if you tell him that you like snowboarding when it is not and that he suggests you go snowboarding for your next appointment, you will be unmasked very quickly! And at this point, your date has no reason to believe what you say.

Remember that if this man is the right one, he will love you as you are.

5. Stay light and fluffy

Try to keep the atmosphere light, funny, and relaxed. A first date should be fun! A joke, tease him a little and tell him funny stories if there are any that come to mind during the conversation. And be careful to always laugh at his jokes!

Don’t be afraid to let go of a few compliments from time to time, just try to stay light and avoid overdoing it (you might seem “too hardworking.” For example, if you are feeling down you can say something like, “It’s great that you like cycling so much. No wonder you are so fit.” And remember if you like him, he should be paying your respects.

6. Use positive body language

During your first date, try to use positive body language to make him understand that you are a warm and relaxed person and that the conversation interests you.

Try taking a few deep breaths if you feel you are starting to get stressed. Your body should instantly relax.

To make him understand that you are interested, lean slightly towards him instead of sitting backward. Try to make lots of eye contact and use your smile and laugh to show that you enjoy his company.
A person is instantly more attractive if they smile, and it’s the best way to show them how you feel.

7. Avoid distractions

Your phone has nothing to do at your appointment. You should store it well in the bottom of your purse (and put it in silence !!), or better, leave it at home. Sending SMS, receiving calls, or being distracted in any other way by your phone during an appointment is simply rude. And you can be sure it will instantly put him off.

To create an atmosphere of intimacy, you need to remove all distractions and allow yourself to focus entirely on the man you are with. Feeling that he has your full attention will make him feel incredibly special and that will attract him to you.

In addition to your phone or other electronic devices, the other distractions you should avoid are uncomfortable clothes, as we said above (you don’t want to spend your time thinking about how high your is tight), as well as the other people.

If you run into a friend at a restaurant, don’t spend 20 minutes chatting while your date is there. Again, it’s rude.

If you see someone you know, greet them politely, introduce them to your date if necessary, but let them know you are busy and want to be quiet. If he is not a good friend, you can say something like “We are called next week” and leave it there. Do NOT invite him to sit at your table.

And never get distracted if there is a handsome guy in the room. If you start eyeing the bartender, your date will notice. And it is very likely that this ruins your chances of having a second appointment.

8. Offer to share the bill

It may not be what you’re used to, or maybe it is.

75% of the time, men are the ones who pay during meetings. But is it normal for a woman to WAIT for a man to pay? No. Unless he has already explicitly said that he would.

Even if it is very likely that a man refuses your proposal and insists on paying the addition, he will appreciate the fact that you have offered to share. And if he accepts, go directly, pay your share, and think no less of him.

Even if you know that he will pay for dinner, keep in mind that one of the questions he may ask on the first date is “Can I afford to go out with her?” “

If you take the most expensive dish directly from the menu, a warning will sound in his head and he may well be discouraged by the thought that you have such expensive tastes (which may not be compatible with his bank account).

9. Don’t sleep with him on the first date!

Most men will not try to sleep with you on the first date. On the one hand, because they know they might disgust you if they try to take action so early, and on the other hand, because they have more respect for a woman who will not jump straight into bed… You don’t want him to think you are “easy.”

But that doesn’t mean he won’t think about s**x. During your appointment, he will look for signs that you also feel the chemistry between you and that you would like to take it to the next level in the near future.

The key is to look for your signals and, if you want, give them subtle signs to show that you are interested. For example, use charming smiles, make eye contact, stroke his hand, or flirt with him.

And at the end of the date, don’t insist on having a kiss. It will happen on its own if the current flows. Just try to keep your first kiss short and sweet rather than going too deep.

He will know that you are on the same wavelength, but that will leave him hungry for the future.

To conclude…

If you follow these simple steps, you will be sure to have fun and look like the wonderful woman you are. You are worth getting to know yourself.

And if you want to go even further, be sure and certain that everything will go well and that it will fall under your spell for sure …

Know that there is a detailed method that will allow you to pass in the eyes of a man for the most captivating and desirable woman that he has never met … To the point that he will simply stop taking an interest in other women.

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