8 Ways to Love Your Husband

Running a household of six isn’t easy. Add in homeschooling, commitments, church, and the upkeep of relationships and I can be overwhelmed. However, my marriage is one thing that my husband and I work on daily. We strive to connect in some way at least once or twice throughout the day. If we fail to do this, we find that we end up on opposite sides of the page; with life moving at a fast pace, it’s important that we stay on the same page. Today, I am going to share 8 ways to love your husband.

1. Say it out loud.

I try to speak or text thoughts of affirmation to my husband at least once or twice a week. I like to let him know that I appreciate the man, husband, and father he is. He needs to hear this from me, as my opinion is valued higher than anyone else’s. Put sticky notes on his mirror to find when he wakes up in the morning telling him your favorite attribute about him.

2. Acts of service.

I am not one that has a laundry list of chores that I expect my husband to do daily. We have project lists that we write out together but, for the most part, he pitches in where he sees a need. Everything else our kids or I take care of. Time is my love language. I want his spare time to be focused on our family and me, not taking out the trash. So in order to help set him up for success, I usually get the kids to help me throughout the day to take care of these little chores that can add up to 15-plus minutes of his time. When he comes home, I usually give him a moment to unwind and change his hat from businessman to fun-loving dad and then when he is changed into his play clothes, he is ours. It’s nothing big, but he notices and it makes all the difference in our evening.

3. Wake him up.

My husband enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning. Once he has made it out of the shower, I like to get him a cup of coffee ready so he can sip on it while he shaves or have it ready for him when he walks out of the door. It doesn’t have to be coffee. It could be breakfast or warm towels: it’s about helping him start his day off feeling loved and ready by his helpmate to face the world.

4. Prayer

We don’t like to leave each morning without praying together. If we forget or it’s too hectic to pray, we will oftentimes call each other on the way and pray. Our husbands are going into battle every day. As their helpmates, we need to send them off with prayers of protection and prayers that whatever they put their hand to will prosper. You wouldn’t send a soldier into a war unarmed; don’t send your man into battle without prayer. {Tweet This}

5. Meet his needs.

Sex is the ultimate gift you can give each other. It’s something that is only between the two of you. Don’t use it as a weapon to manipulate him into getting your way. Make sure that you are fulfilling his needs. Love him and share all of yourself with him during that time. Don’t let your mind wonder about the kid’s homework, your work, and the tasks you left not completed. Commit to yourself that the private time you share together is fully focused on him and nothing else. Check out our 14 Day Kiss Your Husband Challenge to help you get started.

6. Flirt

Remember when you first met him how he took your breath away? Remember how you sought to impress him? Remember how the two of you flirted with each other? Take the time to tell him he’s hot, that he still has it. When he is getting ready to walk out the door for work, take a good look at him and before you give him that goodbye kiss, pay him one compliment to let him know that in your eyes, he is still the only one you want to be with.

7. Look him in the eyes.

Too often I have found myself saying hello out of the side of my mouth and, without looking up, continue cooking supper as my husband walks through the door. This is really silly if I think about it because I literally count down the hours until he comes home. I have to stop myself from time to time from slipping into that pattern and take the time to stop what I am doing when he walks through the door, look him in the eyes, tell him hello, and ask him about his day.

8. Listen.

Being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely. I speak to kids 10 and under all day long. When my husband has that free moment, I can’t wait to fill the silence with all of my stuff. My day. My complaints. My wins. I have to be careful and intentional about giving him a chance to give me his stuff, too. Yes, it’s different for him because he actually speaks with adults all day, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe he has been waiting all day to run something by me and get advice on it or needs to unload some thoughts just to get perspective. Lend a listening ear.

How do you speak love into your marriage?

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