8 Throwback Thursday Date Night Ideas

Old school rules. Throwback is where it’s at. Okay, we’ll cut the corn, but really, isn’t it time to freshen up your date nights with some hip, old-school fun? And, hey, studies show that keeping it fresh is what gives date night its punch. If you’re just doing the same old things every time you go out, you’re missing out on the chance to give your relationship a blast from the past—you know, to feel like you used to when you were dating. And going out on a Thursday night means it’s easier to get a babysitter too!

So try a date night at a drive-in movie, swing dancing, or any of our other 8 Throwback Thursday Date Nights.

1. Shuffle board.

It’s not just for the older set anymore. Find a shuffle board court in your town, pack a cooler full of drinks and treats, and start shuffling.

2. Bingo!

Another vestige of your grandparents’ idea of fun is wearing a new mantle of cool. Find established games in town or invite friends over and have a home bingo night of your own.

3. Bocce ball.

This Italian games staple makes for an interesting throwback Thursday option. See if you can find a bocce court or get a set for your home and have a Bocce gathering in your own back yard.

4. Drive in movie.

What could be more romantic than you, your honey, and a giant outdoor movie screen? If you don’t have a bench seat up front, park backwards, open the mini-van or SUV hatch and get cozy as the feature plays.

5. Swing.

Swing dancing will get your heart pumping for sure! Take a lesson together—they’re usually offered before swing dance events get underway.

6. Malt time.

Sure, you go get ice cream with the kids, but go throwback by sharing a shake, malt, or banana split. One dessert + two spoons = true love.

7. Make progress.

Progressive dinners were a big deal back in the 1970s. So if you’ve never taken part in one, now’s the time to try! Each couple hosts part of the evening, so no one is stuck with all of the work.

8. Recreate a date.

Relive your first date or the night your husband proposed. Still have the clothes you wore way back then tucked away?  Pull them out and put them on!

Dates should never be boring! Explore more ideas.