8 Themed Dinner Ideas for Kids

1. Globetrotter.

Choose a country. Enjoy its food and customs.

2. In season.

Winter, spring, summer or fall. Step into the season with decorations and seasonal foods.

3. Character dinner.

What would Dora eat? Does Mario like meatloaf? Serve what you think Yo-Gabba-Gabba would like.

4. Toys and games.

Like Legos? Build Lego platforms for your silverware. Cut your food into Lego-shaped bricks. You get the idea.

5. Color code.

Is your child’s favorite color blue? Sounds like you’ll be having blue-tinted spaghetti, blueberries and other blue-hued foods tonight!

6. Candlelight.

Kids are drawn to flickering flames like moths to a—you get the picture! Place candles safely around the dinner table. Reward good eaters with a chance to blow out the candles.

7. Role reversal.

You act like your daughter; she acts like you. Your son acts like your husband, and so on.

8. Alphabet soup.

You don’t have to limit your menu to Campbell’s, but every food item must start with the same letter.

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