8 signs that you’re communicating well with your partner

If you want to build a long and solid story, it is absolutely crucial to learn how to communicate effectively with your partner: your couple will not last long if you are both unable to express your needs, your feelings, your frustrations, and your fears. It is not always easy to objectively consider the couple and assess the quality of their communication, but it is important to try – otherwise, you will have no idea what you and your partner “know” to do, or what needs to be improved. So here are 8 signs that you are communicating enough and in the right way with your other half.

8 Signs You Communicate Enough And The Right Way With Your Half

”  People who communicate effectively as a couple collaborate and truly form a team  ” reveals to Bustle Lisa Concepcion, Life Coach, Relationship Expert, and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching. “  There is no feeling of competition or the desire to be right, but simply a real desire to be happy. There is understanding, respect, better sex, and the ability to solve problems, set goals and achieve them. There is also a strong feeling of self-confidence and in your relationship. People who communicate enough feel connected to each other, but not co-dependent. They feel like they can say everything to their partner and are committed to communicating with love and respect.  “

1 / You are honest with each other

It doesn’t matter if it sounds cliché, honesty is seriously needed in a romantic relationship. Even if a pious lie can give the impression of being without consequence on the spot, it is better to get into the habit of telling the truth so as not to embark further on the path of falsehoods in the future.

2 / You have the impression of being seen and heard

For a relationship to last, everyone must feel free to express their feelings without risk – the good and the bad. For this to be possible, it is important to feel that your partner is actually listening when something is communicated to him.

It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating by text, telephone or orally. Each couple has their own way of communicating. The important thing is that everyone feels their importance within the relationship. 

3 / You are listening

Although it is important to learn to express yourself as a couple, learning to listen to your partner is also a valuable skill.

Communication in a couple does not simply mean “talking”, it also and above all means “listening”. We often tend to want to be right at all costs, and we often forget the main thing: knowing how to listen to our partner.

4 / You never feel degraded

A sign that proves that your half and you can communicate well? In the event of disagreement, no one feels that they are teaching them, that they lower them, or that they are judging them. Your arguments are healthy if thanks to them you can hear and understand the point of view of your partner and together find a solution.

Knowing how to communicate is above all to look for answers to two, not to make each other moral.

5 / You don’t hold back when you have something to say

It doesn’t matter if you’re nervous about talking to your partner sometimes, but you should never feel like you have to put your real ideas and feelings out for fear your partner will do not accept and refuse to listen to what you have on your heart.

If you are one of the couples who can communicate, then you are never afraid to express your ideas.

6 / When something goes wrong, you talk about it right away

Another visible mark of a couple who communicates super well? When something bothers them, they immediately reveal it to their half instead of letting the situation escalate.

 / You don’t do a drama

If as soon as you disagree, you get into violent arguments, it is because there is something wrong. Conversely, if you and your partner tend to settle your disagreements quickly, calmly, and with maturity, it is a sign that you know a ray about communication.

Couples who know how to communicate resolve their argument without yelling or blaming the other.

8 / You know “when” to communicate

And yes, it is not always the “right” moment to have a serious discussion with your other half: couples who communicate well know that certain moments are better than others to approach the more serious subjects of conversation.

For example, to wait until our darling is about to fall asleep to talk about a serious subject is a bit disrespectful. Because no, he will not be receptive to what we have to say to him and we cannot blame him! Likewise when you go to work, or before an exam or an important meeting … There are moments favorable to communication and others not.