8 signs that prove your relationship is strong and will last a long time

We all have the same dream when we are in a relationship: that it is solid and lasts a lifetime! Only we also know that life is far from being a long, calm river. To be in a relationship is to go through daily life and routine, storms, and difficulties. When a couple is strong, it can overcome all these tests even if it is not simple, let’s be honest! How do you know if your relationship is strong and will last a long time? To find out, here are 8 signs that prove that your couple is solid and will last a long time.

8 signs that prove your relationship is strong and will last a long time

# 1 Love but also friendship 

You are in lovelovers but also friends! Indeed your darling is also your confidant. Of course, you keep your garden secret, and that is perfectly normal, but you very easily confide in it for the rest of your life. And in addition, you laugh together, you toast, you curl up on the sofa in front of your favorite series sharing a pizza and you go skiing together to hit the slopes laughing! A true sign of a solid couple who can go very far together.

# 2 You have several things in commonOne of the signs that your couple is strong and will last a long time

Even if everyone has their passion or their hobby, you like much the same things. You like to play sports together, watch your favorite series under the duvet, or travel as a couple for example. Your tastes are in fact often the same whether for sports, cinema or cooking. These commonalities allow you to have fascinating discussions on various subjects and you can discuss them for hours.

# 3 Your differences become your strengths

You do have some things in common, but that doesn’t mean that your characters are the same. You are impatient, he is patient. You are ordained, he sows his things all over the house. You get lost between two streets while it is located anywhere. In short, you are different but you complement each other wonderfully because your differences become forces alongside your partner, a sign that does not deceive about the solidity of your couple.

# 4 Trust between you

Your mutual trust is unshakable. You know very well that you can trust your partner and vice versa. You can trust your darling with confidence for the most trivial things like the important. Because of this, you live in perfect harmony, everyone feels confident in the couple because you know that your couple is solid and that it will last.

# 5 You know nothing can ever be taken for grantedOne of the signs that your relationship is strong

You are both aware that nothing is ever acquired in a couple and that is what makes you strong. You do what it takes to maintain the passion in your relationship and not to fall too much into the routine. You pay attention to both, you continue to seduce yourself and compliment you regularly. You also try to show her your feelings with pretty proofs of love. Everything is there to make your couple strong and last a very long time.

# 6 You accept yourself as you are and don’t try to change yourself

We know, nobody is perfect! Since the time you have been together, you have known its faults by heart and you have even learned to accept them or even to love them since in the end, this is what makes its charm! So you accept yourself as you are and you especially understand that, in any case, you don’t change a person you love. Another sign that your couple is strong and long-lasting.

# 7 openness between you

Why hide things when we love each other? As is often said, trust in a couple is a very important element, even essential. You have put communication at the heart of your relationship and you have no secrets for each other, except perhaps a few but without affecting your relationship of course! And then everyone has the right to their secret garden. You talk to each other without fear of judgment and in all honesty, it is an essential basis and proof of the solidity of your couple.

# 8 You plan for the futureOne of the signs that your relationship is strong

Are you talking about baby, home, travel or even professional life? In short, you clearly imagine yourself together in the years to come, perhaps even for your entire life, while obviously knowing that you never know what tomorrow will be like. Planning your life together, talking about the common future, and making you happy? Your couple is on the right track and their solidity is beyond doubt.