8 Christmas Eve Traditions, a Checklist, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

We started our favorite Christmas Eve tradition when my children were very small. We lived in a quaint, Southern town within walking distance of the old county courthouse. On Christmas Eve, we would make hot chocolate and stroll over to the giant Christmas tree displayed on the courthouse steps. And as it just so happened, Santa would have left each of my children a Christmas Eve present under the big tree.

Even when we moved to a new city, Santa managed to leave their Christmas Eve gifts in a fun to visit place. One year, we drove to a favorite playground and the gifts were there! Another year, we walked to a neighborhood park and their gifts were nestled beneath a palm tree! The gifts were usually something simple, fun, and non-electronic that they could play with that night — marshmallow guns, Whee-Los, or a fun craft.

To this day, my children still look forward to our Christmas Eve walk or drive and the gift they find at the end of that journey. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your family’s Christmas Eve, try one of these other 8 Christmas Eve Traditions. And, to make your Christmas morning go more smoothly, work through our Christmas Eve Checklist. As for the partridge in the pear tree… you’re on your own!

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