7 Tips for a Happy Anniversary

Is you and your husband’s anniversary coming up? Here are 7 anniversary ideas to make it unforgettable!
1. Get your kids involved
Knowing that their parents are committed to each other gives kids a strong sense of security. So, talk about your anniversary as it approaches. Treat it like a big holiday with lots of anticipation and excitement surrounding it. If you and your husband go out for your anniversary, let your daughter help you get ready and have your son help your husband.

2. Bring up the past
Do you still have any of the lingerie or clothes you wore on your honeymoon (and do they still fit…)? What about your honeymoon photo album or your wedding video? Plan on incorporating some memento of your wedding into your anniversary celebration.

3. Share the love
If you’re always the one who plans your anniversary celebrations, or if your husband never does anything for your anniversary, keep it light, but address the imbalance. Suggest that you each take turns as planner from year to year.

4. Money matters
If money is tight at your house, celebrate simply, but still celebrate. Instead of fancy gifts, share gifts of time or service. But, even if you don’t exchange gifts, still exchange cards.

5. Year by year
While you and your husband are together on your anniversary, see if you can remember something from each year of your marriage. Talk about the funny and happy things, but also talk about the struggles you’ve been through and how you’ve overcome them. Praise yourselves as a team and talk about your hopes and dreams for the years ahead.

6. Nightfall
When it comes time to go to bed for the night, try to make it special. Leave your flannels in the dresser, and pull out something more romantic. Dab on some perfume and turn on the charm.

7. Celebrate success
You’ve made it through another year! That’s a reason to celebrate in itself. Even if you and your husband are in a rough patch, the fact that you’re still committed to each other is commendable. And since you’re committed, try to make the best of your time together. Maybe you can get your husband to start reading a marriage book with you. Each of you can read a chapter and talk about it. (This might sound like a stretch, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!) If your marriage could use a makeover, try to come up with one area you each can focus on in the coming year. Think of three tangible things you can each do to make your marriage stronger. And, finally, if you’re not getting regular time together alone, make that a priority.

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