7 Surprise Ideas for Your Husband

I remember a “just because” gift I gave my husband once. It surprised me how a small token of my love made him feel so special. He is one of those hard-to-buy-for husbands who always has the latest tool or technological gizmo. This particular gift was simply an extra set of playing cards. But on each one, I wrote a character trait I loved about him. I gave him 52 reasons why I appreciated and loved him through the many years of marriage. I even wrote on the Jokers! I still remember his face as he read those cards.

Every marriage could stand a surprise now and then. So here are 7 surprise ideas for your spouse that won’t break the bank.

1. Dessert:

You know he likes a certain flavor of ice cream. On your way home from work, swing by the store and pick up his favorite gallon. Or perhaps that fancy cupcake he salivates over every time you’re at the bakery.

2. Chore break:

Do one of the “guy” jobs, like take out the trash or wash and vacuum the car. Let him nap or rest in his easy chair with his feet up instead.

3. Shoulder and neck massage.

A little bit of rubbing action can soothe tension and stress in those shoulder muscles and relax the brain.

4. Tickets for two:

Give him time away with a guy friend. Gift him a couple of tickets to a sporting event. Why not buy him a fan shirt to wear, too. Let him get crazy with a foam finger and have fun.

5. Love Note:

Be creative with it. For example, on St. Patrick’s Day, write a love note on a green piece of paper and put it in an obvious place, so its charm will stand out.

6. Date without the kids:

It’s important to date each other without the children to invest and care for each other’s needs. I call it “couple-care.”

7. Getaway for the two of you:

Show your adventurous side and sweep him away for a surprise mini-trip. Maybe just a day away to take a hike and reflect. The fresh air will surprise you with new energy. An evening campfire with s’mores will melt your heart for him.

Of course, you don’t give to get, but when your spouse is appreciated and cherished, it brings a stronger connection between the two of you. Over time, spouses tend to forget the time spent together can add value and create a deeper appreciation for each other. {Tweet This} Time set aside for each other will encourage your marriage to grow.

What is your favorite way to surprise your husband?