7 Fun Activities for a TV-Free Week

If your kids aren’t in camps every day this summer, you’ve probably run into the problem of them spending too much time in front of the TV, or some other electronic screen. Instead of having a battle every day about them watching one more show or letting them “just finish” a computer game, decide ahead of time what your screen time limit will be.

Here are some fun ideas to do with your family while the television is off – one for each day of the week.

1. The fry test.

Go to three fast food restaurant drive-thrus and sample the fries to decide which place has the tastiest. (To keep the health factor in check – as much as possible with this kind of test – order a small fry at each location and share!)

2. Have a scavenger hunt.

If there are at least four people in your family, try splitting up into teams. The first team to find everything on the list and make it back home wins. Ideas for items on the list include one chicken nugget or just the box it comes in, a cotton ball, picture with a police officer, and a leaf. You can also have an indoor scavenger hunt. Let your children take turns making up the clues.

3. Go ice-skating or roller-skating.

Even if you’re not great on ice or on wheels, it will still be fun to learn (and fall) together as a family.

4. Make homemade ice cream.

This is not only fun, it’s tasty too! Here’s how to make ice cream in a plastic sandwich bag.

5. Put all those family pictures into albums.

Your kids will love marveling at how cute they were when they were small. Get an album that has room to write captions and let your kids create them.

6. Play a game of Wiffle™ ball.

This is just like baseball but with a light-weight, plastic ball that won’t break a window. Boys and girls alike will love this game; just make sure the teams are fair. If you don’t own a Wiffle™ ball set, your local sporting goods store will have one for an inexpensive cost.

7. Bike ride.

If you have a bike trail nearby, that would be ideal, but it’s just as fun to ride in the neighborhood. Make sure you are all wearing your helmets! If biking isn’t an option, take a nature walk. See how many different types of plants and trees you can spot.

With this list, you’ll make it through the week with no problem. For some more ideas, ask your children. They are usually more creative than adults and will have more fun if they thought of it themselves.

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