6 Ways to Show Happy Birthday Love Without the Big Bash

I saw the cutest thing recently. A friend of mine posted a photo on Instagram of her little girl having breakfast in bed. The only comment she wrote was, “7.” She had served her daughter breakfast in bed to celebrate her birthday. What a sweet and simple way to show birthday love.

I’m sure we’ve all been to birthday parties that have been anything but simple—and I confess, I’m guilty of hosting those over the top bashes. At the time, they didn’t seem extreme, but now I look back and realize that they were a bit much. Not only that, but how meaningful were those parties to my kids? So I’m going to try to show happy birthday love by keeping them simple, and filling them with straight from the heart acts of love like the ones below. But if you’d like to host a party, here are 5 Ways to Host a Party Worth Celebrating!

1. Birthday meal.

When I was a little girl, my birthday dinner always included fried shrimp and German chocolate cake. With four kids in the family, I felt pretty special knowing this meal was prepared just for me! So let your child choose their favorite meal for dinner – or even for breakfast and lunch. Then let them sit in a place of honor at the table.

2. Decorate.

Before your child gets up on his birthday, deck the halls—and the kitchen and the bathroom if you’re up for it—with decorations or balloons. They don’t have to be elaborate, just string some crepe paper or make a big sign wishing your birthday boy or girl a great day.

3. Celebrate.

Celebrate what makes your child special. Have everyone in your family write a short note saying why they love the birthday boy or girl. Present them with their accolades and have them read each one out loud.

4. Memory lane.

At some point on your child’s birthday, sit down with them and go through their baby pictures and videos. Better yet, get everyone together as you put on a “show” featuring your birthday child.

5. Birthday royalty.

Within reason, let everyone wait on the celebrator. Make a fuss over them with a sense of humor. Let his brother or sister make his bed, take up his plate after dinner, and bring him a snack when he’s watching TV. The point is to let him know he’s valued.

6. Pray.

Make a point to have a special time in the day where you pray with your child, out loud, for the year ahead. Also give thanks for the year that just passed, noting the special events that took place, and how your child grew.

How do you show the birthday love to your kids?