6 things you shouldn’t worry about if your relationship is strong

Everyone knows the very exciting nature of an emerging love relationship. After passion, boredom? Not necessarily. Besides, relationships that survive the first few months have many advantages. Like that of no longer taking the lead for superfluous things.

Whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or not, there always comes a time when you become comfortable enough with your partner to behave in a completely natural way. If you know how to stay cool when these situations occur, then no doubt: he and you are solid.

1- He goes out without you

You leave ? With whom, where, why? In a couple, trust can sometimes require long-term work and paranoia can quickly take over when the other starts to do something without you. At the start of your relationship, you will think that he is doing this because his friends do not like you or because you already get him drunk. But in the long run, it will be less important (provided that it remains occasional of course). Why ? Simply because you will trust him. And vice versa.

2- He does not respond to your SMS in the second

It’s been 5 minutes since you sent him a message and you’re already harassing him because he didn’t answer you? If you are sure how he feels about you and how interested he is in you, you should no longer react that way. Unless it’s a case of extreme urgency, of course.

3- Do not have the last word during your fights

At the beginning, you want at all costs to impose your point of view, to show that you have character, convictions … In short, you assert yourself within your couple. Unless you are a real mule and your need to be constantly right borders on pathology, having the last word during your romantic quarrels tends to disappear as your relationship is consolidated. Over time, your partner begins to know you. He knows that even if you drop the case faster than before, it does not mean that you soften, but simply that you have learned to take a step back during your arguments. And it’s pretty relaxing, isn’t it?

4- Exposing your small faults in the open

He knows that you always arrive late for your meetings, cry in front of turnips in rose water, and literally knock a cable when he uses it on your plate without even asking your opinion. And despite all that, he does not leave you, because he loves you. So why hide it? After all, he too has his faults.

5- Feeling vulnerable before him

At the beginnings of a romantic relationship, we prefer to avoid crying or losing in front of our loved one, for fear of appearing weak in his eyes. But what a relief when you realize that you are sufficiently comfortable in his presence and that you have nothing more to prove on that side! And above all, we feel less alone to face the trials. Inevitably, it brings you closer.

6- Do not agree between you

Before, you wondered if you were made to be together at the slightest disagreement between you . Today, you measure the full meaning of the expression “opposites attract”. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything or want the same things at the same time. Of course, if you constantly disagree, it may be best to take stock.