6 things we would like to say to our ex’s new girl

Did your ex get relocated? Here are a few sentences that you would gladly throw at his new conquest … But that great lord, you are content to decline in your head.

1 – “Do you mind collecting the crumbs?

No, because she is proud there, to think she stole our man from us. But in reality, we gave her the guy willingly and she only goes second hand.

2 – “Good luck to bear it”

She sees it in its best light and it is quite normal, they are only at the beginnings of their relation . After having rubbed shoulders with the energumene for almost a decade, you would want to warn it. Then after all, no, it’s his problem.

3 – “I slept with him last week”

She is there, dripping with happiness in front of you, without any kind of restraint, and you say to yourself: “If you knew, casserole, that we set the table last week, you would be less cheerleader”.

4 – “Must say that he has some concerns with loyalty”

And as she does not seem to understand and continues to think that she is the only one who has never counted in her eyes, you would see yourself driving the point home: “Anyway, loyalty has never been his strong point . ”

5 – “Take off your paws from my children”

Have you had children with your ex and when he has custody of them , does she live under the same roof as them? You would like to tell her not to exchange a single word with them, and even less to allow her to give them tender nicknames, but unfortunately you cannot afford it.

6 – “I am very happy for you”

Shameless lie, but hypocrisy is still the best way you can find to keep your head up high. Finally, as you do not yet feel able to recite this sentence without bursting into tears, you keep it for yourself.

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