6 things to do to fall in love … with yourself

And if this year, we took advantage of Valentine’s Day to give all our love to one and the same person … ourselves? The idea may seem a bit absurd at first, but taking the time to love yourself is also relearning to appreciate and accept yourself. Do you want to experience love at first sight with your ego? Here are a few tips that may help you.

A stroll in the open air

It could be a hike, a walk in the local park or in an unknown neighborhood. The goal: get out of your routine, fill your lungs with fresh air and take advantage of this moment alone to think about yourself and ask yourself a few questions. Are we happy? What are we missing? And above all, how to change that? Philosophical, isn’t it?

Improve our knowledge

We were all interested in something one day but never tried to deepen our knowledge. It can be the history of France, pastry, or even psychology. But it is never too late to learn. A good book, some internet research, and this is how you turn an interest into a passion.

A solo cinema

By dint of organizing cinema outings according to everyone’s availability, we almost forget that this activity is best-enjoyed solo. No one to speak to us in the middle of an important scene, just ourselves, well seated in the back of an armchair. In the end, there is no better company, right?

A gift that does well to the ego

Loving yourself obviously involves having fun. So hey, we’re not telling you to go into debt over three generations for a pair of overpriced boots. But we are not going to lie, it’s completely normal to give yourself a little gift from time to time just to remember that we simply deserve it.

Get inspired by your idols

Whether their names are Angelina Jolie or Simone Veil, whether their names are George Clooney or Stephen Hawking, whatever their names are. What matters is that these personalities fascinate you. So why not dig a little deeper into your knowledge of them? No question of trolling them on Twitter, but rather to learn more about their lives, their paths and to be inspired by them.

Get involved in volunteering

By giving to others, you do yourself good. Find a cause that is close to your heart, and get started! Maybe you will even inspire your loved ones.